Collaborative Learning Pocketbook

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Description This Pocketbook is suitable for all teachers. It explores ‘the power of more than one’, with a look at peer-led development and how working in groups helps students to become independent, resourceful learners with good listening and communication skills. A chapter on planning considers group size and composition, ground rules, success criteria and how to engage reluctant participants. It introduces the collaborative jigsaw’s four key skills (intrapersonal, interpersonal, active listening, speaking) and ways to develop them. Chapters entitled ‘Collaborative Learning Starter Pack’ and ‘High Impact Strategies’ contain multiple ideas for group work in lessons. Examples include graphic organisers, KWL grids, speed-talking, reversed objective, carousels, dragons’ den and ‘survival’. A final section deals with assessing and evaluating group work. It covers process and product; individual and team contributions; formative and summative approaches.

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