Confident Composing at Secondary(Comp01)

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Description This course will cover all aspects of composing with secondary pupils, including GCSE and A Level as well as KS3. Based on the latest research into Composing in Education, the course will give delegates the skills and understanding to overcome common composing problems in the classroom, and to inspire pupils to develop their creative skills.
Duration 10am-4pm

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Categories Secondary, Higher, Teaching and Learning, 14-19, KS3, KS4, Arts, Teaching staff, Learning Support, Pupil Support, Advanced Skills Teacher, Excellent Teacher, Main-scale (core) teacher, Newly Qualified Teacher, Non-practising teacher, Post-threshold Teacher, Pupil mentor, Supply / Peripatetic teacher, Trainnee (pre-QTS) teacher, Teacher trainer, Head of Department / Faculty, Assessment, Gifted and Talented, Inclusion, Personalised Learning, Subject Knowledge, Classroom Management, Out of school
Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students

Participants will gain confidence in teaching composing at KS3, GCSE and A Level. Participants will be able to more easily solve common composing problems for their pupils at all levels. The ideas learnt on the course are likely to impact pupils who find composing difficult, either in terms of generating or developing ideas, or because they do not have practical musical experience on which to draw (non-instrumentalists).

Evidence underpinning this approach

Based on Composing in Education doctoral research by Devaney (2016). Teachers will also have the opportunity to contribute anecdotal evidence to Devaney's ongoing research.

How users/participants can evaluate success

When implemented, the ideas from the course should have an impact on composing results at GCSE and A Level.


Follow-up activities and support

A series of follow-on emails will be provided. Participants will also be able to access Devaney's research thesis from the BCU library.


Course Leader: Kirsty Devaney

Kirsty is a British composer and a Junior Fellow at the Conservatoire. Her work specialises in working with and writing music for young and non-professionals and in 2011 she was nominated for a BASCA British Composer Award. She is currently undertaking a PhD, researching Composing in Education.


Date Location Details
Jun 26, 2017 10:00 Birmingham - Info
Jun 28, 2017 10:00 Manchester - Info
Jun 30, 2017 10:00 London - Info