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Business Management Course Course

Dev School(from 1 review)

This is a short term course

£29.00 + VAT
£19.00 + VAT
£30.00 + VAT
(Duration: 6 weeks)


Course_thumb Discover How Dyslexic Learners Achieve Success Course

Dragonfly Teaching(from 4 reviews)

A training course for teachers, new SENCos, teaching assistants, NQTs and GTP students (venues throughout Cornwall and in Plymouth). Ideally suited to those working with KS2 and KS3 learners. Each workshop explores: - Emotive and cognitive barriers to learning - Teaching and learning strategies supporting literacy development and independence - Varied, engaging, practical resources - Guided study activities

£78.00 (no VAT on this item)
(Duration: 9 hours (three workshops))


Thumb Marking, Feedback and Assessment Resource

Optimus Education(from 1 review)

Marking, Feedback and Assessment: Improving pupil progress through effective feedback is a CPD resource pack to help implement a meaningful, consistent, effective approach to marking and feedback across the school.

£249.00 (no VAT on this item)


Course_thumb Technology Consultancy  Service

Technology To Teach(from 4 reviews)

We provide in-house school support on how to utilise technology correctly. From using current technology and resources to the purchasing of new equipment we will be able to support your school. If you need specific training for teachers, support staff and children we will also help with this. This is a much more cost effective and efficient way to take full advantage of the resources and equipment you have in your school


Course_thumb Accredited School Fundraising & Income Generation Online Course 13th Jan 2014 Course

Fundraising Skills(from 1 review)

Expect tangible results from your fundraising training. Fundraising Skills offer you a money back guarantee and a great choice of nationally accredited courses in social media fundraising, legacies, corporate and major donor fundraising and the popular Certificate in Fundraising Skills. Taught online by fundraising insiders and recommended by over 2000 people. See course dates,... (read more)

£395.00 (no VAT on this item)
(Duration: 6 Weeks - 3 hrs study per week flexible)


Course_thumb Enhancing the Primary Curriculum using Technology Course

ICT with Mr P(from 1 review)

The day will share practical and innovative approaches to delivering the new Primary Curriculum through the use of technology. The day will be delivered by Lee Parkinson, (@ICT_MrP) a classroom teacher, who specialises in using technology to raise standards across the curriculum. Lee’s engaging and inspiring approaches will help teachers to provide stimulating and motivating lessons for both Key Stage 1 and 2... (read more)

£900.00 + VAT For one whole staff
£750.00 + VAT For two schools each
£650.00 + VAT 3 or more schools each
(Duration: Full Day)


Course_thumb Teaching Advanced Mathematics Course

Mathematics in Education & Industry (MEI)(from 5 reviews)

The TAM course is designed to give teachers the skills and confidence to teach A level Mathematics effectively, focusing on subject knowledge and pedagogy. There are now two versions of the TAM course: 1. The full, Masters-level accredited, TAM course: For academic year 2014/15 this course is fully funded by the DfE for teachers in state-funded schools and colleges. The course has previously been offered through Durham... (read more)

£600.00 (no VAT on this item) £1200 Funding available on course completion, (Masters level only)
(Duration: 15 Months)


Thumb Emotional Literacy Pocketbook Resource
Teachers' Pocketbooks(from 5 reviews)

Practical strategies to help pupils use emotional understanding to learn and grow.

£9.99 (no VAT on this item)


Course_thumb Food Hygiene and Safety Course
The Open Futures Trust(from 4 reviews)

This is a practical hands-on workshop to assist with Open Futures' cookit strand.

£150.00 (no VAT on this item)
(Duration: 1 day (6 hours))


Course_thumb askit level 1 Course
The Open Futures Trust(from 4 reviews)

askit training will enable you to give pupils the tools to move their thinking forward, provide opportunities for discovery and problem solving, and help you develop their natural desire to wonder.

£200.00 (no VAT on this item)
(Duration: two day workshop)