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Course_thumb Professional Development Quality Mark Award - free information session Course
Institute of Education, London Centre for Leadership in Learning

Find out about the Professional Development Quality Mark Award and its benefits. Talk with leaders who have gained the award and hear about its impact on their schools. Verify the quality of your strategic approach to professional development.

Free (Duration: Monday 21 October 2013 - 2.00 - 3.30pm)


Course_thumb Accelerating Teacher Growth Course
IRIS Connect(from 3 reviews)

Would you like to create a professional learning community among your staff, develop and support best practice in teaching, and attain accelerated progress?

Free Free Free (Duration: 2 hours)


Course_thumb Food Growing in Schools Course
Garden Organic

Garden Organic delivery programme of CPD training to schools professionals Garden Organic is able to run a range of training sessions in regional locations and individual schools or clusters of schools. Many of our courses can be run as whole day events with practical activities, or half day or twilight sessions as more of a general overview

Free (Duration: Full/half day and twilight sessions)


Course_thumb First Steps to Safety - Level 1 Safeguarding and Safety Awareness Course
Westminster Special Schools Outreach Services

Level 1 Safeguarding and Safety Awareness. This course meets the requirements of Level 1 Safeguarding, as required by OFSTED and is combined with a programme of 'Protective Behaviours'

Free For Tri-borough Staff (Westminster, Kensington & Chelsea and Hammersmith & Fulham) £50.00 (no VAT on this item) Out of Borough Participants (participants from boroughs outside of Westminster, Kensington & Chelsea and Hammersmith & Fulham)
(Duration: 8th March 2013, 9.00 - 16.00)


Course_thumb Will My Gravestone Last? Earth Science Out-of-Doors Course
Earth Science Education Unit (ESEU)

This is the basis of a ‘field visit’ to a local graveyard to use the wealth of opportunities available for scientific investigation, out of doors, in an Earth science context. Please contact ESEU to arrange a convenient date and time for this NO FEE workshop; travel and sundry expenses are the only costs incurred.

Free (Duration: 60 minutes)


Course_thumb Exploring the Geography of Food (online CPD) Course
Geographical Association

Food is a basic human need, and right. The production, acquisition and consumption of food occupies everyone to some extent, and connects everyone with the environment, the water cycle, interdependence, global trade and aid, and the changing nature and location of industry. This family of courses explores the development of the coming 'perfect storm' and the relationships between food and the geography curriculum.

Free (Duration: N/A)


Course_thumb Teaching history in the classroom using historical fiction Course
Historical Association

Is it the story in history that grabs you? Do you want to use historical fiction in your classroom but are unsure where to start? Have you already tried getting your children to write historical fiction and been disappointed with the results? Well then this is the course for you.

Free (Duration: 4 weeks)


Course_thumb Guide to Schools Tennis 2012 Resource
Tennis Foundation

The Guide to Schools Tennis 2012 provides an overview of all the resource and support available to schools, from the Tennis Foundation and LTA.



Course_thumb Teaching evolution in the new National Curriculum Course
Millgate House Education

How can a bucket of rice help children to comprehend the enormous age of the Earth? Would a ‘spot the moth’ competition help them understand the idea of natural selection? Could a simple card sort help them capture just a fraction of Darwin’s insights? What will help you to stop panicking about teaching evolution, begin to feel more confident, and even look forward to teaching this topic? It’s easy. Just come to this workshop and find out.

Free (Duration: from 1-hour to half day.)


Thumb Teach Through Music - Final Conference Course
Sound Connections

This will be the culmination of the Teach Through Music programme, and will feature inspiring speeches, case studies encompassing the work of participating KS3 music teachers throughout the programme, musical performances, and a celebration of best practice and the music education sector as a whole. Programme to be announced soon.. For any further information, or if you have any questions, please contact [email protected] and follow us on Twitter at @TTMLondon.

Free (Duration: 10.00am - 5.00pm)