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Target the learning of specific pupils

  • Professional development is most effective when you're aiming to improve the learning of a specific group of pupils.
  • To maximise the benefit, decide on the specific pupils and a clear learning goal for them before you choose a course, event, expert or resource.
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Sustain the CPD for at least two terms

  • A one-off training event rarely changes habits effectively, you need to actively pursue a new idea or skill for at least two terms, or more than 50 hours if you want to see a long-lasting change. Sustained experimentation and refinement is the best way of embedding a theoretical idea in everyday classroom practice.
  • A single course could kick-start this process or act as a refresher during the learning process, but shouldn't be undertaken without a plan to continue the learning back at school or college.
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Work with colleagues to plan & observe

  • You're much more likely to succeed in improving your teaching habits if you work with colleagues.
  • You need to find time to identify ideas, share and discuss the progress of new ideas regularly including trying out new approaches, plan lessons/interventions together, observe each other, examine work samples and assessments and keep adapting and improving. To do this you must allocate time for the regular giving and receiving of constructive feedback.
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Consult an expert, course, or resource

  • The most effective professional development requires an outside voice to support, challenge your beliefs and assumptions and guide the implementation of new ideas, as well as a mentor or coach to facilitate your learning.
  • If you keep everything in-house you may be recycling ideas that are less effective, choosing sub-optimal strategies, making mistakes that others have already made, and you may stop investigating before you've fully an explored an idea.
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Evalute the effect on pupils' learning

  • Throughout the learning process you should keep evaluating how the learning experience of your pupils has changed. Just because you've change your practice doesn't necessarily mean they're learning any more effectively.
  • Use a variety of ways of evaluating learning: tests, homeworks, surveys, work-samples, observations or video, and of course simply asking pupils.
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Thumb Outstanding lessons with iPad Course

LearnMaker(from 8 reviews)

Learn how to effectively plan, prepare and deliver outstanding lessons using iPad. This will include differentiating work for mixed abilities, marking and feedback, and app workflows to maximise the iPad's for teaching & learning.

£350.00 + VAT half day onsite training for up to 20 delegates
£650.00 + VAT full day onsite training for up to 20 delegates
(Duration: Half / Full day)


Course_thumb Find Your Voice - Liverpool - 06/02/2015 Course

Musical Futures(from 1 review)

This course is aimed at secondary heads of music, secondary teachers of music, SLT music links, primary music co-ordinators, vocal strategy leaders, teacher training mentors and trainee teachers. Throughout the day, trainers will unpick the processes behind the Musical Futures Find Your Voice vocal and mobile technology approach with practical illustrations of how it can work with students of all ages. You'll leave... (read more)

£95.00 (no VAT on this item) General Admission
(Duration: 1 day)


Course_thumb Teaching Creative Writing at Post-16 Course

University of Leicester Centre for New Writing(from 1 review)

A two-day course run by the Centre for New Writing at the University of Leicester focused on the new A-Level in Creative Writing. Designed for English teachers who wish to develop their own creative practice, this course is for those who may have experience of teaching Creative Writing in schools but who wish to develop their skills as teachers of the subject at post-16 level, or as teachers new to the A-level in... (read more)

£445.00 (no VAT on this item) Residential Price
£375.00 (no VAT on this item) Non Residential Price
£195.00 (no VAT on this item) hourly paid/self-employed Price
(Duration: 2 days - 6 & 7 July 2015)


Course_thumb The Philosophy Shop Resource

The Philosophy Foundation(from 9 reviews)

The Philosophy Shop is jam-packed with ideas to get anyone thinking philosophically. For use in the classroom, after school clubs, philosophy departments, philosophy groups or even for the lone reader, this book will appeal to anyone who likes to think. Winner of the BESA Best Educational Resource Award 2013.

£19.99 (no VAT on this item)


Course_thumb Enquiry across the curriculum Course

The Philosophy Foundation(from 9 reviews)

A one-day introduction to using philosophical enquiry across the curriculum with strategies and resources that can be implemented immediately

£1,050.00 (no VAT on this item) Full Day Inset
£630.00 (no VAT on this item) Half day Inset
£300.00 (no VAT on this item) Staff meeting
(Duration: Full day/Half day)


Thumb Asperger Syndrome Pocketbook Resource

Teachers' Pocketbooks(from 5 reviews)

Expert advice and practical strategies for understanding and overcoming the challenges posed by Asperger Syndrome.

£8.99 (no VAT on this item)


Thumb Questioning Technique Pocketbook Resource

Teachers' Pocketbooks(from 5 reviews)

Teachers’ questions play a critical role, not just for the thinking they provoke, but in the modelling of questioning skills and the development of curiosity. Using cartoons, diagrams and visual prompts to support the text, this highly practical Pocketbook is suitable for all teachers. It separates out the elements of questioning – framing them, delivering them, and responding to the answers – and offers both simple tweaks... (read more)

£8.99 (no VAT on this item)


Thumb National Teacher Enquiry Network (NTEN) Service

Teacher Development Trust(from 3 reviews)

The National Teacher Enquiry Network is a collaborative partnership of schools and colleges focused on innovation and improvement through highly effective and evidence-based staff professional development and learning.


Course_thumb School Swimming Workshop Course

School Swimming Workshop(from 2 reviews)

A course designed to help school staff assist in the learning of swimming for the school swimming programme.

£300.00 + VAT Price for in school workshop.
£30.00 + VAT Per person for a joint school workshop.
(Duration: 90 minutes)


Course_thumb Effective Phonics Teaching with Letters and Sounds  Course

Global Education Services Limited (from 2 reviews)

Effective phonics teaching with Letters and Sounds training is delivered by high quality and experienced consultants who are passionate about ensuring children become independent and confident readers and writers from the outset. It is delivered in an interactive, multisensory manner with a good balance of theory, information and practical activities.

£875.00 + VAT For up to 25 delegates. £20 for each additional delegate. Maximum of 35 delegates per training session.
(Duration: 1 day . )