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Target the learning of specific pupils

  • Professional development is most effective when you're aiming to improve the learning of a specific group of pupils.
  • To maximise the benefit, decide on the specific pupils and a clear learning goal for them before you choose a course, event, expert or resource.
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Sustain the CPD for at least two terms

  • A one-off training event rarely changes habits effectively, you need to actively pursue a new idea or skill for at least two terms, or more than 50 hours if you want to see a long-lasting change. Sustained experimentation and refinement is the best way of embedding a theoretical idea in everyday classroom practice.
  • A single course could kick-start this process or act as a refresher during the learning process, but shouldn't be undertaken without a plan to continue the learning back at school or college.
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Work with colleagues to plan & observe

  • You're much more likely to succeed in improving your teaching habits if you work with colleagues.
  • You need to find time to identify ideas, share and discuss the progress of new ideas regularly including trying out new approaches, plan lessons/interventions together, observe each other, examine work samples and assessments and keep adapting and improving. To do this you must allocate time for the regular giving and receiving of constructive feedback.
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Consult an expert, course, or resource

  • The most effective professional development requires an outside voice to support, challenge your beliefs and assumptions and guide the implementation of new ideas, as well as a mentor or coach to facilitate your learning.
  • If you keep everything in-house you may be recycling ideas that are less effective, choosing sub-optimal strategies, making mistakes that others have already made, and you may stop investigating before you've fully an explored an idea.
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Evalute the effect on pupils' learning

  • Throughout the learning process you should keep evaluating how the learning experience of your pupils has changed. Just because you've change your practice doesn't necessarily mean they're learning any more effectively.
  • Use a variety of ways of evaluating learning: tests, homeworks, surveys, work-samples, observations or video, and of course simply asking pupils.
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Current Trends in Education: An Overview of Educational Research for Teachers Course
ASL education

There is a vast amount of educational research. Keeping up-to-date with research and future trends that are relevant to your school's ethos and your teaching staff can have a significant impact in maintaining outstanding schools and driving school improvement forward.

£225.00 (no VAT on this item) 90 minute workshop
£400.00 (no VAT on this item) Half-day
£500.00 (no VAT on this item) Full day
(Duration: 90 minutes/ Half-day/ Day course)


Thumb Primary Curriculum 2014 Conferences Course
Pearson Primary UK

This event, hosted by Pearson and the Cambridge Primary Review Trust in association with major subject associations will help primary schools to address the five imperatives for an outstanding primary curriculum: 1. designing a curriculum on the basis of aims 2. raising standards through a broad and balanced curriculum 3. knowledge as well as skills 4. national and local curriculum 5. curriculum capacity, leadership and expertise

£275.00 + VAT single delegate price
£247.50 + VAT for 2 delegates (each)
£220.00 + VAT for 3 or more delegates (each)
(Duration: Full-day )


Inspirational School Leadership 101: stuff they didn’t teach on NPQH or CSBM! Course
Chalk Face (School CPD) Ltd

A series of workshops designed to help primary school head teachers, business managers, bursars, deputy heads and aspiring heads reflect, refocus and re-engage. With ample opportunity for networking and space for quiet reflection, participants are sure to “recharge their batteries”.

£245.00 + VAT per person for 1 or 2 delegates from the same school
£180.00 + VAT per person for 3 or 4 delegates from the same school
£155.00 + VAT per person for 5 or more delegates from the same school
(Duration: 1 day stand-alone course, but part of series of six once-a-term sessions spread over two years)


Awesome Staff Wellbeing: promoting work-life balance Course
Chalk Face (School CPD) Ltd

Cutting edge occupational therapy research and Human Resources theory and practise underpins this course. We consider how to make the most of staff appraisal and performance management. We demonstrate that a happy, well-led, motivated staff is a productive staff, showing how positive, proactive approaches to nurturing individual staff wellbeing can be every bit as important as carefully coaching excellent performance.

£245.00 + VAT per person for 1 or 2 delegates from the same school
£180.00 + VAT per person for 3 or 4 delegates from the same school
£155.00 + VAT per person for 5 or more delegates from the same school
(Duration: 1 day)


Thumb Challenging the More Able: Gifted & Talented 2014 Course
Optimus Education(from 1 review)

This annual one-day national conference is your unique opportunity to gain a raft of practical advice and techniques for ensuring that you meet the needs of your more able pupils in every lesson.

£289.00 + VAT Primary
£379.00 + VAT Secondary
£429.00 + VAT Local Authority
(Duration: One-day)


Thumb Growing Excellence in Learning & Teaching Course
Optimus Education(from 1 review)

Are you a senior leader who wants to transform learning & teaching in your school? If you want to uncover the latest evidence-based research in classroom practice and practically embed these cutting-edge innovations across your school to drive pupil progress. This is the event for you.

£299.00 + VAT Secondary - early bird rate (ends 17/10/14)
£349.00 + VAT Local Authorities - early bird rate (ends 17/10/14)
£379.00 + VAT Others - early bird rate (ends 17/10/14)
(Duration: 1 day)


Thumb Effective Middle Leaders: Lead your team to Outstanding Course
Optimus Education(from 1 review)

This comprehensive event – specifically designed for secondary school middle leaders – will provide you with the skills to confidently lead your team to Outstanding.

£349.00 + VAT Secondary - early bird rate (ends 03/10/14)
£399.00 + VAT Local Authorities - early bird rate (ends 03/10/14)
£429.00 + VAT Other - early bird rate (ends 03/10/14)
(Duration: 1 day)


Thumb Deliver & Assess Outstanding Progress in Secondary Computing Course
Optimus Education(from 1 review)

This is the definitive event to take away hands-on coding experience as well as a wealth of practical learning and teaching strategies to ensure you and your colleagues are ready to successfully implement and assess the new secondary computing curriculum.

£359.00 + VAT Early bird rate - before 05.09.14
£389.00 + VAT Standard rate - after 05.09.14
(Duration: 1 day)


Thumb SEND for Classroom Teachers Course
Optimus Education(from 1 review)

With the new SEN Code of Practice coming in September 2014 and fewer pupils fulfilling the criteria for additional support, are your classroom teachers ready to take responsibility for meeting the needs of all their pupils? These ready-made training materials can be used by the SENCO or training leader to equip new teachers with the knowledge, skills and understanding to provide quality first teaching to SEND pupils.

£249.00 (no VAT on this item) per training pack
(Duration: 4 units of 90 minutes)


Course_thumb Teaching GSCE Mathematics Course
Mathematics in Education & Industry (MEI)(from 5 reviews)

TGM is a new Professional Development course being offered by MEI to teachers wishing to develop both their own subject knowledge and classroom practice in teaching GCSE Mathematics. TGM is designed for teachers who wish to develop both their subject knowledge and classroom practice in mathematics at secondary school level. You may be: A specialist in another subject but teaching maths at KS3 or KS4 for the first time; ... (read more)

£500.00 (no VAT on this item)
(Duration: One academic year)