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Course_thumb A Classroom-based Computing CPD Programme for 4 Staff  Service
Smithills ICT Consultancy Ltd

Support your teachers in their own context. Specialist teaching with your pupils, team-teaching and in-class support sessions for up to 4 teachers, a day per week for half a term, on your choice of the computing curriculum areas. A 1 hour initial planning session per teacher is included. Can be extended to support additional staff.


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Stated learning outcomes for this course

Teacher learning from previous support packages includes the following testimonials:

We have bought into the Smithills ICT's teaching package for the last 2 years. The quality of input and sessions from Lesley has helped to build the confidence of staff in computing, in particular programming. This has helped to ensure that we have skilled staff, who feel confident in delivering a high quality, engaging and challenging curriculum. The quality of service has been excellent. Lesley is always helpful, informative and prepared for all the sessions she has delivered at school. The resources are always high quality and engaging for the pupils and staff. The style of delivery: pupil workshops, staff training, team teaching has always fulfilled the brief and enable high impact on our teaching and learning.

Mel Hurst, RL Hughes Primary School, Wigan

"Lesley's input has been invaluable to help us begin teaching and learning the computing curriculum. Her knowledge and understanding has supported high quality CPD for staff and given them the knowledge and confidence to deliver the computing curriculum and lessons. The progress of children's learning has been outstanding! What has been interesting? The simplicity with which Lesley has helped staff to develop their knowledge and understanding."

Philip Ivory, Deputy Headteacher - St George's CE Primary, Westhoughton

"This is true CPD and having Lesley support all our teachers in school has been money well spent. With the best will, teachers don't really have time to cascade central training throughout school and having a consultant in class to model teaching and learning is the best form of CPD there is, very effective and everyone benefits." Jacqueline Gilbert, Headteacher - St George's CE Primary, Westhoughton

"You got me excited and enthused and consequently the children love it! How exciting computing is. You explained things clearly to me and now I feel more confident using Scratch. I didn't know debugging could be so much fun! - 

"Excellent teacher subject knowledge. Clear teaching instructions for pupils. Calm, firm teaching manner. Opportunities for children to ask questions and further their subject knowledge and extend learning. Well organised. I am surprised at how well the children have retained their knowledge from previous sessions. - Class teacher


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