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Description Assertiveness is about being able to express yourself with confidence without having to resort to passive, aggressive or manipulative behaviour. The words we say, how we say them and the body language we use all convey messages to others. In this course you are going to examine aggressive, submissive (or accommodating/passive), and assertive behaviour to understand the characteristics of each and their possible consequences. You will also examine ways of modifying your behaviour to improve your effectiveness.
Duration 4 Hours

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Categories Higher, Leadership and Management, Further education, Business / Economics, Management, Support Staff, Assistant Headteacher, CPD Leader, Deputy Headteacher, Headteacher, Head of year / Pastoral leader, Business Manager, Special Educational Needs Coordinator, Administration Staff, Catering Staff, Learning Support, Pupil Support, Site staff, Technicians, Other support staff, Head of Department / Faculty, Personal Development, Work-life Balance, Change Management, Coaching and Mentoring, CPD Leadership, Performance Management, Business Management, Organisational Improvement, Online, e-Book, Webinar, Governor, Child Protection Officer, Data Protection, Gifted and Talented Coordinator
Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students


  • Underlying Beliefs
  • Negative Inner Dialogues and Bill of Rights
  • Responsibilities
  • Assertiveness Techniques
  • Role play practice activity
Evidence underpinning this approach

At the end of every course, delegates will get a certificate of completion from APeducation Online, with details of the course title and hours undertaken to complete the course.

Along with the certificate they will also get a letter which states the knowledge/skills they have developed, the course summary objectives achieved, the details of the assessment undertaken and the number of hours

How users/participants can evaluate success

At the end of every course delegates will also complete a small assessment in the form of a case-study, quiz or a scenario.

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