Behaviour management for supply teachers(TEACH17)

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Description Focusing on the specific needs of supply teachers, this non-residential seminar will enable you to review, exchange, update, and learn new strategies.
Duration Two days

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Categories Primary, Secondary, Teaching and Learning, KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, Teaching staff, Supply / Peripatetic teacher, Behaviour for Learning, Out of school
Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students

The seminar also emphasises the critical importance of establishing rapport and relationships with classes. This course is for supply teachers.

Evidence underpinning this approach
  • All our courses are delivered by experts in their field and the various ideas, theories, techniques and strategies are founded in educational research.
  • As a union, we aim to contribute to the growth of knowledge about teaching and learning across the teaching profession. Our professional development programme has been informed by a major review of research (Philippa Cordingley from the Centre for the Use of Research and Evidence in Education - CUREE) about the impact of CPD on teacher’s work in the classroom. The review showed that collaborative and sustained approaches to professional development (which we prioritise) have a lasting and positive effect of teachers’ practice.
How users/participants can evaluate success

Teachers can match up their progress in the classroom against their memo to me (what they aim to action from this course at their school). Another copy of this will be sent to all teachers 7-8 weeks after the course with form inviting them to assess/analyse implementation and learning so far and plans how to take things forward. This is for personal as well as professional development.

Follow-up activities and support

Group feedback during the course is circulated to participants and they are made aware of new research or developments in that particular field of education (that could be taken further, i.e. professional enquiry and/or university accreditation).


Tutored by Pete Hrekow (Dreyfus training)

This course does not have any pre-booked dates available. Please contact the provider directly to arrange this training.