Bespoke Consultancy in Early Years and Primary Education (GES 1)

Provider: Global Education Services Limited


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Description We provide high quality consultancy and training in early years and primary education to maintained schools, free schools, academies and local authorities. We work globally in close partnership with head teachers and senior leadership teams to devise a tailored programme for improvement in: teaching, learning and assessment , achievement, leadership and management. We believe in empowering schools to achieve the best possible learning outcomes for every child, so that all children get a good education.

Categories Primary, Early Years/Foundation, Mathematics / Numeracy, KS1, KS2, English / Literacy, Management, Teaching staff, Assistant Headteacher, CPD Leader, Deputy Headteacher, Headteacher, Advanced Skills Teacher, Excellent Teacher, Main-scale (core) teacher, Newly Qualified Teacher, Post-threshold Teacher, Supply / Peripatetic teacher, Trainnee (pre-QTS) teacher, In school, After-school meetings, Demonstration lesson, Team lesson planning/teaching, Learning walk, Meta-cognition and Self-regulation, Coaching / Mentoring, Gifted and Talented Coordinator, Use of Pupil Premium
Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students

 Pupils in Early Years, Key Stage One and Key Stage 2  will benefit from the support offered to  headteachers, senior leaders and teachers.

Evidence underpinning this approach

"Raj has worked closely with us to design and develop the phonics teaching systems in our new school. Her high-quality training has ensured that all staff have an in depth knowledge of the Letters and Sounds programme and our consultancy day has enabled us to develop solid foundations to our phonics structure – not an easy task given the unique nature of our school. Her expertise has been invaluable in bringing us up to date with the latest initiatives and considering their place within our school and her vast experience enables her to give honest opinions and strong guidance, which is inspiring and trusted. We thank her for such a boost at the beginning of our journey and look forward to making the most of the good, professional relationship we have developed."

Cheryl Sánchez,Europa School UK

“Global Education Services Ltd provides an outstanding service
tailored to schools individual needs. The training that was provided at
our school was excellent, developing our staff skills and understanding
of phonics and reading progression.
Our teachers are now delivering teaching of the highest quality
which is facilitating excellent progression in children’s learning.
As the lead educational consultant, Raj is an extremely skilled facilitator and
coach with a wealth of knowledge, right at the cutting edge of development.

Richard Woodfin, Headteacher ,Roehampton Church of England Primary School.



How users/participants can evaluate success

 After an  intial complimentary consultation, GES Ltd consultants draft a workplan which clearly states the expected impact/outcomes for each  aspect of work identified. In the main, the consultancy and training fits seamlessly into the school's priorites identified within in the school improvement plan .This workplan is finalised and agreed by the Headteacher prior to implementation.

 After each consultation, the school receives a visit report. Within the report, there is an expectation that the school will  state what the impact of  the work has been. In addition,  we also ask schools to give us feed back on the quality of our work and services provided so we can improve our offer to schools.

Evaluation of training is conducted through :

  • delegate evaluation of the training
  • use of comparative self-evaluation tool i.e. completion of subject knowledge and confidence prior to training and post training
  • delegate identification of further training required
  • follow-up impact of training through telephone discussions with leadership team and/or further monitoring in school
  • collation of the above for each trainer to be used to refine and inform the development of the training
Follow-up activities and support

 All our services include a minimum of one hour's follow up support via email or telephone.


Global Education Services Ltd offers bespoke consultancy and training to maintained schools, free schools, academies and local authorities in the following key areas:

Early Years:

• Early years foundation stage revised framework

• Systematic, synthetic phonics. Letters and Sounds

• Leadership of Early Literacy

Review of early reading 


• English and Literacy

• Systematic, synthetic phonics. Letters and Sounds

• Teaching and learning

• Curriculum enhancement /development

• Raising achievement of ethnic minority pupils

• School Improvement.