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Description Feedback is the second of The Best of the Best series – compendia of the most useful advice from the most celebrated educationalists combined with practical strategies to implement these cross-curricular ideas in the classroom.

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Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students

Isabella Wallace and Leah Kirkman have curated a collection of inspiring contributions on the theme of feedback and have developed practical, realistic, cross-curricular and cross-phase strategies to make the most of these important insights in the classroom.

Each expert has provided a list of further reading so you can dig deeper as you see fit. In addition, the Teacher Development Trust has outlined ideas for embedding these insights as part of CPD. 

Evidence underpinning this approach

According to the School Inspection Handbook “Ofsted recognises that marking and feedback to pupils, both written and oral, are important aspects of assessment.”

Source: School inspection Handbook - Handbook for inspecting schools in England under section 5 of the Education Act 2005

Feedback is often cited as one of the most powerful tools for enhancing learning. And in the classroom it can be understood and implemented in a whole range of ways, as the contributors demonstrate.  But although they each provide their own unique take on the importance of feedback to teaching and learning, they are unanimous in emphasising the paramount importance of feedback as clear communication – the context in which our current understanding of the word originated.

The practical strategies offered by Isabella Wallace and Leah Kirkman to support the contributions demonstrate how teachers can immediately use these ideas in the classroom. Advice from the Teacher Development Trust demonstrates how to plan sustained and responsive changes to practice based on the book’s key insights.

How users/participants can evaluate success

Best of the Best: Feedback can be understood and implemented in the classroom in a whole range of ways, as Wallace and Kirkman’s practical strategies – based on the contributors’ expert insights – demonstrate. From these contributions, each unique and enlightening in its own right, a number of key themes emerge.One is the need to get the balance right between praise and constructive critique and another is that these same principles should be applied whether the feedback is from teacher to student, teacher to colleague, student to teacher or student to student.

Follow-up activities and support

Both authors of Best of the Best: Progress can provide training/ follow-up on developing outstanding teaching and learning.

Leah Kirkman is co-author of the bestselling teaching guides Pimp Your Lesson! and Talk-Less Teaching, and is an experienced AST and trainer. Keeping the needs of both the busy teacher and the discerning learner at the heart of all her training, Leah works with teachers both across the UK and abroad developing outstanding teaching and learning.

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Isabella Wallace is co-author of the bestselling teaching guides Pimp Your Lesson! and Talk-Less Teaching, and has worked for many years as an AST, curriculum coordinator and governor. She is a consultant for and contributor to the Oxford Dictionary of Education and presents nationally and internationally on outstanding learning and teaching.

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Contributors include: John Hattie, Geoff Petty, Sir John Jones, Sugata Mitra, David Didau, Mick Waters, Will Ord, Claire Gadsby, Robert Bjork, John West-Burnham, Guy Claxton, James Nottingham, Mark Burns, Martin Robinson, Mike Gershon, Pam Hook and Andy Hargreaves.

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