Bottom-up approaches to school leadership

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Description This is a brand new online training course. Given the current educational climate of ‘autonomy and accountability’ these sessions, aimed at school leaders at all levels, will give participants the opportunity to think about how a bottom-up approach to school improvement can work for them in their specific contexts. Without promising a ‘magic wand’ to wave (there are no universally successful wands!) these sessions will give the participants an interactive forum in which they can think, talk and plan about how they can genuinely empower those they work with to improve teaching and learning at their schools. Led by Keven Bartle, a successful senior leader in two challenging schools during the last eight years, the sessions will begin with discussion of the theoretical models that underpin a bottom-up, distributive and surplus-driven model of school leadership and how they might be applied in the unique context of the participants’ schools. The course is run over three twilight CPD sessions. Course Content. Session 1 Philosophy 1. A scan of the changing context in which we are working. 2. A theoretical explanation of schools and classrooms as social ‘Complex Adaptive Systems’. 3. An overview of Arnstein’s ladder of participation and the AGILE manifesto (from software development) applied to school leaders. 4. How might an area of your work this year benefit from a genuinely bottom-up approach? Discussion to inform action planning. Post-session – Participants invited to join a cloud based folder to (a) receive key documents informing the philosophy and (b) upload documents about their own proposed bottom-up projects.
Duration 4 – 6 p.m. Online

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