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Course_thumb Building Resilient Mindsets Course

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Our personal and collective mindsets are commonly fixed in ways that leave us less capable of thriving in the fast changing and challenging world of the 21st century. This CPD provides the opportunity for educators of all kinds to explore how we can unlearn the unsustainable thinking that holds us back and develop the growth mindsets we need for successful lifelong learning.

£480.00 (no VAT on this item) for a half day workshop
£720.00 (no VAT on this item) for a full day's training
(Duration: short talks; a half day; a full day or an extended training and action research programme)


Participation date 24 June, 2014
Review date 21:10, 26 June, 2014
Overall rating
Impact on practice

It's too early to assess the impact on students' learning. The course made me re-examine how I plan sessions so that I can find ways to allow the children to reflect on their mindset and change unhelpful habits of learning for more helpful ones.
Quality of teaching

The personal presentation was clear and engaging. Powerpoint didn't really add anything of value, from my point of view. Not just a tips and tricks session - it provided a new framework which I feel will be useful to assimilate.
Venue, catering, facilities/accomodation and booking

Admin fine. Room adequate.
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