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Course_thumb Building Resilient Mindsets Course

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Our personal and collective mindsets are commonly fixed in ways that leave us less capable of thriving in the fast changing and challenging world of the 21st century. This CPD provides the opportunity for educators of all kinds to explore how we can unlearn the unsustainable thinking that holds us back and develop the growth mindsets we need for successful lifelong learning.

£480.00 (no VAT on this item) for a half day workshop
£720.00 (no VAT on this item) for a full day's training
(Duration: short talks; a half day; a full day or an extended training and action research programme)


Participation date 08 June, 2015
Review date 22:01, 05 November, 2015
Overall rating
Impact on practice

This course had a major impact on the development of the curriculum and approach to teaching and learning at our school. Lizzie presented over 4 initial days to the leadership team, allowing us to consider and think about the approach and then gave a day's training to our leadership team, in preparation for INSET training. We have found that our children are developing much better learning skills, alongside their curriculum skills. The children are now much more aware of their own development and how these skills are life long. The learning habits have transformed the teaching and learning within the school and had a very definite effect on progress. We find children are far more willing to take on difficult challenges and they have become much more resilient in working on these, even if they don't succeed initially. Teachers are still preparing differentiated activities but the children are choosing the challenge level, with teacher guidance if required. Also we now focus much more on these learning habits in planning and at the starts of lessons. It has become an integral part of lessons - the children discussing which learning habits they need to use and they are now assessing and setting targets for learning, as well as curriculum areas.
Quality of teaching

Lizzie worked with us for four days initially and it was good to have time for the leadership team to consider and discuss approaches and mindsets together. Lizzie made the sessions fit the school and allowed time for us digress where necessary. With the initial four days training, we had time to try things out with the pupils and then reflect back with Lizzie on the next visit. Despite this Lizzie had a very clear vision of where she was leading us and with her practical experience of being a teacher and head teacher, it made the whole course more relevant. The day training for the leadership, which obviously meant covering for some staff, was a great success and good preparation for our INSET training on growth mindsets. Lizzie not only delivered the information but was able to offer advice about we might go about delivering this to the staff. It all made sense and we remembered why we had trained to become primary practitioners - good quality teaching leading to pupil application, knowledge and understanding.
Venue, catering, facilities/accomodation and booking

We did the training within our own school during the day and Lizzie was happy to adapt to our needs of running the school, whilst also doing the training.
Any other comments? Would you recommend this to other teachers? The pupils have really latched onto our new approach and have developed in ability and confidence. The parents too have loved this new style and we are now seeing our parents in school far more - for presentations, exhibitions and shows etc - all led by the children to proudly demonstrate what they have learnt. I would happily recommend this course to other schools looking at issues around pupil application of skills, challenging all children and developing those lifelong learning skills. Our children now want to learn for themselves and not just to please someone else - a truly motivating factor
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