Cats and Computers: an Introduction to Programming

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Description This is a brand new Online twilight CPD session. The session will involve looking at the nature of programming and how it fits in with everyday life and ask the question “is computation thinking different than normal thinking and problem solving?” Delegates will be introduced to the main screen elements that make up Scratch: the stage, the script area the backpack area, the sprite area and the block area and get a general feel for the program. You may be old enough to remember Turtles! In this part of the CPD session you will be taken back to the happy days of logo programming and draw lots of lovely shapes! We will ask what sprites are and how to make you own to use in Scratch? This is a great activity and we will get you to build a mini-me! Delegates will get sprites to move around with their control, either from the mouse or from keyboard input. We will get your mini-me to dance! In the next part of the session, delegates will add some music and sound effects to their mini-me dancer! Delegates will be shown coordinates and how they apply to the position of their sprite? Delegates will also learn about the following: algorithms, sequencing, threading, sensing, broadcasting iteration, variables and procedures! Sounds scary? Trust me it’s not! We’ll give you simple examples for you to try. By the end of the session we will be able to build a simple game based on all the stuff we have learnt today. Delegates will be shown how to share their work with the world! Course Content Programming and Computational Thinking Introduction to the Scratch screen Remember Turtles? Sprites and Costumes Making things move! What’s the noise? Understanding Coordinates Now for the computer science bit! Making a simple game Share and share alike
Duration 4 – 6 p.m. Online

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