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Description Thorough training to handle media interviews in good or bad situations.
Duration One day or half day.

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Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students

This is an intensive, one-day workshop for senior / head teachers (and chairs of governors) who must be prepared to deal with media approaches in good or bad circumstances.

Normally a maximum of six participants are given a thorough grounding in how the media works, why they have been approached and how to exploit that to the maximum - even in bad news.

Each participant gets three interviews during the workshop: an ice-breaking radio interview (which illustrates the five fundamentals of every media interview) plus 'good' news and 'bad' news tv interviews.

Along with many tips and tricks, the workshop includes an approach that, if followed, means the participant is likely to win every media interview.

The material also covers tricks of impact which can be used at any time to raise the level of interest and impact of any message.


Evidence underpinning this approach

Chris Kelly was a broadcast news editor for many years and is now the UK's longest-established media skills trainer specialising in the public sector.   Trained to teach at IBM in the 70s, Chris later crossed into journalism.  As an editor he was approached by what is now Bournemouth University to help some business clients 'deal with the media'.

It was that experience which made him quit active journalism to concentrate on helping the public sector 'deal with the media'.  He acknowledges he could have made far more money specialising in profit-making organisations but has always maintained that the public sector affects people's lives and is, therefore, inherently more interesting.

Seeing it from an editor's perspective, he knew how poor many public sector organisations were at selling the good news and doing media interviews.

Chris has delivered this workshop (and an alternative seminar - see details) to many teachers over the years - with consistently highest marks for content and delivery.

At the end of the workshop teachers frequently say that it reminded them of communication tricks they had forgotten and much of the material could be used in other situations.

How users/participants can evaluate success

The only way to measure success is when the media next approaches.  Quite a few people come back and attend the workshop again as a refresher and say that since their last training they had been interviewed by the media and the training had made a major difference.

The projected outcomes are for participants to leave the workshop with significantly improved confidence, competence and the ability to control the media encounter.

Follow-up activities and support

The only follow up recommended is a periodic half day refresher course.

The very comprehensive workshop material is permanently available - free of charge - on Chris Kelly's website (  Access to the handout is only available to those who have had the training.


Workshops  and seminars have usually been organised by an LEA but schools sometimes apply directly for the training where it is felt that a number of staff would benefit.  It is also possible to bring representatives from a number of schools together for the training.

The constantly-updated workshop is always delivered by Chris Kelly who brings all his own training and video equipment.

Full day workshops usually start at 9.15 and finish around 16.45.

Chris uses PowerPoint but many participants comment on how far it has been pushed - and most praise the visuals which are incorporated to aid learning.

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This course does not have any pre-booked dates available. Please contact the provider directly to arrange this training.