Diploma In Management and Leadership(APEO-HE002)

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£950.00 (no VAT on this item)
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Description The Diploma in Management and Leadership is designed for candidates who want to enter into more senior management and leadership positions in a wide range of organisations.
Duration 14 Months

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Categories Secondary, Higher, Leadership and Management, Further education, Business / Economics, Health and care, Management, CPD Leader, Headteacher, Business Manager, Head of Department / Faculty, Change Management, Coaching and Mentoring, CPD Leadership, Performance Management, Business Management, Organisational Improvement, Online, Governor
Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students


These are to:

  • develop a range of operational management and leadership competences required by employers of those engaged in or aspiring to managerial positions
  • enhance employment opportunities in operational management roles
  • utilise personal and teamwork competences for effective self-performance and the performance of the team and organisation
  • apply leadership skills in a range of management activities
  • respond to the environment in which the organisation operates
  • enable candidates to pursue an advanced level of management and leadership learning, knowledge acquisition and attainment of transferable skills


Evidence underpinning this approach


A mix of assessments will be used – formal reports, presentations, research project, and examinations based upon a previously seen case study.


This qualification is jointly certificated by SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority) and CMI (Chartered Management Institute)

How users/participants can evaluate success

The Diploma is delivered via a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) which provides access to case studies, learning materials and activities, presentations, and web links. Online tutor support and guidance is provided throughout the course, where learners can interact with the tutors, get feedback on their progress and submit their work electronically. This helps you to build the relevant skills progressively, as you receive feedback and support from their tutor during this time. As the course is delivered online, this enables learners to study any time, any place through immediate access to the VLE.

Follow-up activities and support The provider has not supplied this information

The units for this programme have been selected to offer learners the best opportunities for progression, both academically and professionally.

  • Developing Self-Management Skills
  • Leadership at Work
  • Plan, Lead and Implement Change
  • Managing and Working with People
  • Developing Self Management Skills
  • Manage Operational Resources
  • Creating a Culture of Customer Care
  • Management and Leadership: Graded Unit 1
  • Managing People
  • Organisational Leadership and Development
  • Develop Strategic Plans
  • Strategic Change
  • Management Research
  • Decision Making for Managers

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