Dyslexia Pocketbook

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Description Helps teachers to unlock the potential of learners with dyslexia.

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Author Julie Bennett can be contacted via her website: www.key4u.co.uk


Author Julie Bennett sees dyslexia as a learning difference rather than a learning disabiity. The Pocketbook will give you:

  • A good grasp of what dyslexia is
  • A guide to the multiplicity of approaches to dyslexia
  • Tools and techniques for teaching dyslexic learneres
  • Details of how multi-sensorsy learning can help dyslexics
  • Information to help you present material in the best way for learners with dyslexia
  • Strategies for raising the self-esteem of your dyslexic pupils
  • A directory of resources and organisatons to support what you are already doing