Effective Marking(EMarking)

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Description Effective Marking training day
Duration 1 day


Categories Primary, Teaching and Learning, KS1, KS2, Teaching staff, Advanced Skills Teacher, Excellent Teacher, Main-scale (core) teacher, Newly Qualified Teacher, Non-practising teacher, Post-threshold Teacher, Pupil mentor, Supply / Peripatetic teacher, Trainnee (pre-QTS) teacher, Teacher trainer, Assessment, Feedback, Individualised Instruction, Peer Tutoring, Activities to sufficiently challenge the tutee , Peer-assessment monitored by teacher, Reviewing challenges and successes with tutors to improve pupils skills and learning, Relatively short but intensive periods of tutoring over 4-10 weeks , Provides approaches for specific, accurate and clear feedback , Provides approaches for comparing what a learner is doing right now and wrong before , Provides approaches for a balance between support and challenge, Supports effective professional development for teachers, Provides approaches for individualised learning tasks activities , Provides approaches to individualise learning activities supported by technology for effective practice
Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students

Our training will give your school a cohesive and structured approach to effective marking. Once trained, both teachers and confident teaching assistants will be able to mark work to a very good standard.

Effective strategies for ensuring pupil's respond to marking are a key part of the course.

Evidence underpinning this approach

“Woodberry Down is an outstanding school… The school excels in many areas of its work, but is especially successful in the quality of the academic guidance it gives pupils… There is an extremely effective written dialogue in books, between teachers and pupils, that stems from an efficient system of marking using tailor-made labels. These show pupils how well they are doing, ask them questions to move their learning forward and set new targets for them. Pupils' responses show a heightened awareness of their learning. One pupil said, 'You get good advice and get your levels up.' ”

Woodberry Down Community Primary School, Hackney


“Mandeville Primary is a good school. It is improving rapidly and starting to exhibit some outstanding features… This is because teachers are transforming the pupils from passive learners with low expectations of what they can achieve, as seen in some poor quality work in their old books, into active learners with higher aspirations. There are two key reasons for this. First, the dialogue established by teachers through highly effective marking emphasises their high expectations and ensures that pupils can reflect on how to improve their work. Marking is of a very high standard throughout the school and helps the pupils to understand how well they are doing and where a piece of work can be improved. Their books are full of their ‘green pen’ responses to comments and additional challenges set by teachers after each lesson.”

Mandeville Primary School, Hackney

How users/participants can evaluate success

We suggest schools use the Effective Marking Action Plan:


And also the Effective Marking judgement table:


Follow-up activities and support

After the course, you may wish to subscribe to the Effective Marking website.

Subscribers to the website get access to a wide range of materials to support effective marking. These include:

- marking stickers for literacy and numeracy (with accompanying planning guides)

- marking stickers for self-assessment and peer-assessment

- the comprehensive teacher’s handbook

- a detailed template action plan, linked to the teacher’s handbook and accompanying judgement table

- all the PowerPoint presentations used in the training which include lots of examples of effective marking

- details of good printers and where to buy cheap blank stickers

- discounts on our highly-successful projects like The Other Side of truth, What Can I Find Out About Life in Istanbul

- discounts on www.effectivemaths.co.uk and www.effectivehandwriting.co.uk


Please see INSET day agenda (file attached).

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