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Thumb Effective Time Management Course
Head to inspire

Head to Inspire is a Learning & Development company specialising in coaching and personal development workshops to increase performance, well-being, resilience and effective communication of all staff in schools.

£99.00 + VAT price per participant
(Duration: Half day)


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Stated learning outcomes for this course

Why Effective Time Management?

While there are definitely some undeniable advantages of the cutting-edge technology we enjoy in the 21st century, there also has never been a time when we were so overwhelmed with social media and various forms of instant communication: E-mails, text messages, instant messaging, Linked In, Facebook, Twitter and the list goes on…

Regular and at times excessive use of technology, on top of our existing personal & professional responsibilities currently makes it very challenging for most people to be productive.

And staff working in schools are further stretched by the recent changes such as the curriculum, assessment, Ofsted judgements, performance, data and more…all happening at the same time.

The effective management of time is more important than ever!


On the day the participants will:

  •  Understand the reasons behind failing to manage time well
  •  Reflect on personal habits, behaviours and choices around ‘time management’
  •  Gain tools to organise, prioritise and schedule time effectively
  •  Acquire tips and ideas to increase productivity
  •  Practise with colleagues and tap into the collaborative group wisdom & experience
  •  Create a personal action plan


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