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Course_thumb Enquiry across the curriculum Course

The Philosophy Foundation(from 9 reviews)

A one-day introduction to using philosophical enquiry across the curriculum with strategies and resources that can be implemented immediately

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Participation date 07 January, 2014
Review date 20:00, 09 January, 2014
Overall rating
Impact on practice

It has only been a few days but I have already been able to bring the ideas into my form time and I am also planning on bringing it into Forest School, and have added it into my planning. The course was fantastic, I learned so much and it sparked something of within myself that I have longed to explore for a while. The course brought across more than I had expected of it. It went into a lot of detail and gave age appropriate activities for our whole school, which for me was wonderful as I work with every age group in the school.
Quality of teaching

I have possibly touched on this above, but this information was all brilliant. The books I have already used in covering a few lessons and I loved them, and the work that came about within the class was really interesting. Seeing the other books available, especially the If Odyssey, as I am on a personal journey into discovering what the Ancients can teach us, so I have added that book to my reading list. The course really got my mind working and thinking and I was able to delve into the depths of my understanding and was challenged and inspired to really think about how people were acting, about why we do certain things and also about the 3 brains, Head, Heart and Gut and how these work in a situation like this. It also showed a different side to my co workers, which was also really helpful.
Venue, catering, facilities/accomodation and booking

Any other comments? Would you recommend this to other teachers? Loved this course so much, I wish I could do this kind of thing every day, and so as a result will try and bring it as much as I can into my Planning and practice at Bloo House. Thank you so much, and inspirational day with enlivening team.
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