Exploring radioactivity(SPR181903SCI)

Provider: The Prince's Teaching Institute
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Description At this event you will explore ways of teaching radioactive decay and dealing with student preconceptions about the topic. Our one-day courses concentrate on a single topic and are designed to reinvigorate teachers’ enthusiasm and excitement about their specialist subject.
Duration 1 day

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Categories Sciences
Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students Each participant taking part will:
• Broaden their knowledge of the types of radioactive decay processes
• Consider how students first encounter radioactivity and discuss introducing the topic at GCSE
• Explore how misconceptions arise from the use of language about radioactivity
• Discover ways of making the often challenging maths more approachable

This day is for you if:
• You teach Science at key stage 4 or 5
• You would like fresh ideas to engage students with radioactivity
• You want to gain confidence managing practical work
• You would like to consider how misconceptions arise from our use of language about radioactivity
• You want to gain resources and activities to use in class for this topic and beyond
Evidence underpinning this approach This course provides subject-knowledge enhancement from experts in the field, as well as teacher-facilitated discussion on best practice when teaching the topic. The Sutton Trust identified the strongest evidence for what makes a great teacher as being:

1) Teachers' subject content knowledge, including their ability to understand how students think about a subject and identify common misconceptions
2) Quality of instruction
How users/participants can evaluate success Participants will fill in evaluation forms on the day regarding the achievement of the aims of this course.
Follow-up activities and support We will send you postcards that you have written on the day as a follow up from the event. The postcards contain points on what you found inspiring and what you will do differently in lessons as a result of the CPD Day.
Details Led by practising teachers, who are joined by subject experts, this one-day course provides a wealth of ideas from which to create enriching and challenging teaching resources.

Lectures from:
• Dr Mike Wood, Reader in Applied Ecology, University of Salford
• Dr Pete Cole, Professor of Physical Sciences, University of Liverpool

Teacher-led workshops include:
• Don't go there, you'll get radioactive!
• The maths of radioactivity: the wonder of exponential decay

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