EYFS/Primary Science Class(1010)

Provider: Technology To Teach
£200.00 + VAT Per person on the one day course
£600.00 + VAT for in school session up to 25 people


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Description This course is designed for all teachers from Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) through to subject coordinators. It has been designed to support teachers who work within an International School setting, or if the school follows a curriculum that is different from the English National Curriculum. There is a strong focus on how to support children whose first language is not English.
Duration 9:30 - 15:30

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Categories Primary, Teaching and Learning, Early Years/Foundation, Sciences, KS1, KS2, Support Staff, Teaching staff, Learning Support, Pupil Support, Advanced Skills Teacher, Excellent Teacher, Main-scale (core) teacher, Newly Qualified Teacher, Post-threshold Teacher, Cross-curricular Themes, Outdoor Activities, Sustainable Development, Assessment, Bilingual Support / EAL, Diversity, Inclusion, Subject Knowledge, Out of school, In school, After-school meetings, Team lesson planning/teaching, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science / Geology, Collaborative Learning, Digital Technology, Teacher Enquiry, Coaching / Mentoring, There are approaches to support pupils working together, Tasks are designed carefully so that working together is effective and efficient, There are opportunities to make use of competition between groups to support pupils in working together more effectively within their group, Provides approaches that encourage lower achieving pupils to talk and articulate their thinking in collaborative tasks , Identifies clearly how the introduction of technology will improve learning, Early Years Intervention , Raising Aspirations/Expectations
Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students
  • Why do we teach science
  • Understanding the common problems within the EAL science classroom
  • Develop your confidence with generating questions for science enquiry as well as understanding science investigations
  • links with other subjects especially good reading books
  • Positive assessment strategies within the primary science classroom
  • Steps to help you improve your planning of science whatever the curriculum your school is using

 This course has a strong emphasis on supporting children whose first language is not English (EAL)

Evidence underpinning this approach The provider has not supplied this information
How users/participants can evaluate success

Evaluation during and after the course. There will also be a follow up questionnaire approximately eight weeks after the session for participants to evaluate any impact in school.


Follow-up activities and support

Participants will be encouraged to join a teacher online social network group but this is voluntary. They will also be the opportunity to join our online learning portal which will give them access to other resources and follow-up training 




Start of the course is 9:30 through to 15:30. The current course deliver is Maggie Morrissey who is an experienced primary school teacher, ICT coordinator and primary science specialist. She is a member of ASE and CAS. More details about her experience can be found here 




This course does not have any pre-booked dates available. Please contact the provider directly to arrange this training.