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Course_thumb EYFS/Primary Science Class Course

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This course is designed for all teachers from Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) through to subject coordinators. It has been designed to support teachers who work within an International School setting, or if the school follows a curriculum that is different from the English National Curriculum. There is a strong focus on how to support children whose first language is not English.

£200.00 + VAT Per person on the one day course
£600.00 + VAT for in school session up to 25 people
(Duration: 9:30 - 15:30)


Participation date 23 January, 2016
Review date 06:46, 30 January, 2016
Overall rating
Impact on practice

I am currently not attached to a classroom but from my previous experience with Investigative Science, it showed me that it is a process which enables all students to see Science as an area of learning, which they are able to participate in, as it involves observation and experimentation to describe and explain natural phenomena which they are often naturally inquisitive about.
Quality of teaching

I was challenged to redefine my approach when teaching Science. I gained understanding of how Investigative Science lends itself to all aspects of the Science curriculum and the need to take small steps in order to achieve the desired learning outcomes . I also understood how Investigative Science was able to differentiate and involve all students in the classroom thus enabling all students to become thinkers and involved in the scientific process.
Venue, catering, facilities/accomodation and booking

Any other comments? Would you recommend this to other teachers? I would highly recommend this PD to other schools who are grappling with Investigative Science or would like to introduce this concept of learning to all teachers, whether experienced or not. The presenter was well spoken, engaged her audience with practical activities and listened to all the questions asked, responding with answers which clearly displayed her knowledge and understanding. A very passionate and motivated speaker.
Response from provider Many thanks for your positive feedback. It was a delight working with such a group of enthusiastic teachers