Feedback on the 2019 cycle of independent investigations in Geography (the NEA)- London(feedback)

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Description This one-day event will enable teachers to gain feedback on the first cycle assessment of the independent investigation (NEA), a requirement common to all four English geography A level specifications, as well as those in Wales. This event will enable teachers to receive feedback from across the four Awarding Bodies about the assessment of the NEA, reviewing examples of good practice and reflecting on lessons learned from the first cycles.
Duration One day event

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Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students

Aims and outcomes:

  • to get to know general feedback on the NEA from across the Awarding Bodies
  • to review what constitutes good practice with the NEA
  • to consider the role of fieldwork as a basis for individualised enquiry work
  • to evaluate student proposals for the NEA and how these might be strengthened
  • to consider ways of collecting and handling primary and secondary data
  • to understand the implications of the new mark scheme in supporting student learning.
Evidence underpinning this approach

All GA resources and approaches have been tried and tested by teachers of geography and course evaluations consistently receive very positive feedback.

How users/participants can evaluate success

The course presenters provide strategies for short and longer term evaluation of success and in addition the GA’s Quality Mark framework encourages teachers to critically assess the teaching and learning of geography, identify areas of strength, and set future development goals to further capture the potential of all students studying geography.

Follow-up activities and support

The GA provides a wealth of supporting web resources, publications, journals, online CPD and a Quality Mark framework and process for supporting self evaluation.


Course Programme

09.00-09.30: Coffee and registration

09.30-11.00: Session 1 The NEA – feedback on the first cycle of assessment from June 2018

11.00-11.20: Refreshment break

11.20-12.45: Session 2 Reviewing examples of good practice from summer 2018 and how to integrate good practice into the current post-16 cohort

12.45-13.30: Lunch

13.30-15.30: Session 3 Reflections on fieldwork and the NEA process: what makes a good proposal, developing good primary and secondary research skills, and developing independence in students.

15.20 Course evaluation

15.30: Close


Bob Digby: education consultant and author, coursework moderator, and former GA President

David Holmes: A level examiner, Principal coursework moderator, education consultant, and author


Date Location Details
Nov 12, 2019 09:00 London - Info