Fun animation in the new curriculum – using apps and other software

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Description Animation takes many forms and is an enjoyable and engaging classroom activity. As part of the computing curriculum it gives children hands-on experience with a variety of devices, programs and techniques, to create content for specific audiences. It also helps them understand how technology is used to produce the films and cartoons they love. In other subjects animation can offer a motivating and kinaesthetic route to storytelling, and works well in English, religious education, modern foreign languages, history, PSHE and other subjects. In this course you will gain practical experience in a variety of easy to use animation techniques, including both on-screen activities and stop-motion animation using physical models and webcams. We will use both PC based software and tablet apps; please bring a memory stick so you can take your finished animations home with you!
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Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students By attending the course participants will:consider the role of animation as part of the computing curriculumuse different programs and apps to create on-screen animationsuse webcams and physical models to create stop-motion animationsdiscuss and share ide
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