Getting Boys to Write: strategies for closing the gap & raising attainment(Boys2013)

Provider: Chalk Face (School CPD) Ltd
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£180.00 + VAT per person for 3 or 4 delegates from the same school
£155.00 + VAT per person for 5 or more delegates from the same school
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Description Easier said than done ... but certainly not impossible. Practical suggestions, recommendations and tips based on years of research and positive teacher feedback; dozens of ideas that can motivate boys from EYFS through to KS4, and - equally importantly - give girls the opportunity to: experience a more varied range of teaching and learning styles; partake in enriched, contextually embedded speaking / listening / reading / writing activities; and develop a broader set of “real-life” writing skills.
Duration 1 day

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Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students

1) A better understanding of how and why learning in general, and the acquisition and development of language and literacy skills in particular, has such a strong and enduring gender bias.

2) Hints and tips for making writing a more "boy friendly" activity across the curriculum.

3) Strategies for helping boys to challenge and overcome the fears, prejudices and assumptions that hold them back when it comes to writing.

Evidence underpinning this approach

Ofsted literature; academic research drawn from education and learning theory, as well as sociology and psychology; teacher and headteacher experience; pupil perception and experience.

How users/participants can evaluate success

Opportunity to plan own Outstanding lesson, then put it into action in school soon after the course.

Follow-up activities and support

Opportunity to join the School CPD virtual Lesson Studies network: a forum for exchanging tips and resources.


Arrive 8.30am onwards

9.15am start

session 1


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session 4

End: 4pm

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