Getting Your Head around Assessing PE without Levels

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Description Many PE Teachers will not remember a time when they have assessed pupils progress without referencing National Curriculum Assessment Levels and Sub-Levels. From 2014 with the introduction of the new National Curriculum assessing against levels will no longer be required. Indeed, it will not constitute good practice. This course explores issues around assessing without levels and how to implement strategies to promote Assessment for Learning and also Summative Assessment methods which are not time consuming. Course venue - South Nottingham. This course can also be accessed on a 'host your own' basis. Terms to be agreed.
Duration 10.00 - 15.30.

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Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students
  • To exlore key elements of assessment in relation to new National Curriculum requirements
  • To identify examples of good practice in relation to day to day assessment of PE
  • To start planning strategies for summative assessment, tracking and recording
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How users/participants can evaluate success

Delegates shoulld leave with a clear understanding of aspects of assessment of PE. This will include Assessment for Learning strategies and time efficient Summative Assessment methods.


On returning to school, delegates should be in a position to start developing assessment schemes against the new National Curriculum 2014 PE requirements.

Follow-up activities and support

On The Mark Learning offers free  telephone and email follow up. On-site support or further workshops can also be accessed.


This course will explore general assessment terms, issues and processes and relate these to the new attainment statements for PE. It will clarify the difference between Assessment for Learning and Summative Assessment. Further to this it will demonstyrate methiods of assessing learning without applying attainment levles and sub-levels. Delegates will be given the opportunity to plan how to move from existing assessment schemes to ones which do not reference levels.

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