Governors: Asking Challenging Questions and Holding Courageous Conversations

Provider: National Governors' Association

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Description The purpose of this session is to develop governors' skills in holding the school to account for its performance.
Duration 2 hours

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Categories Primary, Secondary, Leadership and Management, Management, In school, Governor, Governance
Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students

The session reviews some of the basics of the governing body role and its responsibilities, including the information governors need in order to understand how their school is performing. Using this, and discussion about the meaning behind words such as challenge, governors will learn about when a courageous conversation might be required and how to approach it. They will have the opportunity to refine their skills by working through some hypothetical scenarios and conversations. 

Evidence underpinning this approach

The session draws on NGA's expertise in governance policy and practice, and is delivered by highly experienced consultants with a strong-track record in education and governance. 

How users/participants can evaluate success

Following the course, governors will be equipped to hold senior leaders to account for their school's improvement, a key element of their role in ensuring positive outcomes for pupils.

Follow-up activities and support

NGA offers a range of support, advice, and training services which can be used to follow-up or complement this session. 


This is a two hour course delivered to the whole governing body at a time and place to suit. Governors will be asked to make use of current documentation supplied by the school. The consultant will liaise with the Chair of Governors and Headteacher to ensure that the session is professionally focused and aligns with the current needs of the school.

This course does not have any pre-booked dates available. Please contact the provider directly to arrange this training.