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Seahorse Education Partnerships CIC(from 9 reviews)

Seahorse Education works with schools to strengthen the passion in individuals to be inspirational, happy and creative by creating the conditions for your staff to understand how to be their best. Because... We believe the love of learning and personal growth is at the heart of inspirational, enjoyable and creative education. Seahorse provides SUPERVISION & CPD through strengths based - solution focused growth coaching so your staff can move beyond the limits and achieve success.


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Review date 10:45, 01 May, 2015
Overall rating
Impact on practice

Seahorse coaching has enabled me to find my own solutions for improving teaching and learning in my class. The style of coaching meant that I owned my decisions and was more likely to implement things. It also helped me build in sustainable good practice instead of 'one off' elements for a lesson. The separate leadership coaching also provided me with the time and space to reflect upon my own leadership style and think about meaningful steps for the future. Seahorse did tell me what to do or fix anything, the coaching methods meant that I did it myself.
Quality of teaching

The vast range of links that Seahorse provided was extremely useful, particularly current research relevant to various coaching topics that have arisen through the sessions. The coaching itself is appropriately informal and I know from colleagues can take place wherever you feel comfortable. As you are the one that thinks about solutions, there are no gimmicks or short term fixes.
How well did the provider deal with your booking? How easy was the training or service to organise?

Or coaching programme is whole school and Seahorse worked with the leadership team to create an effective timetable for sessions. Whenever sessions needed to be re-scheduled, Seahorse were very adaptable and made sure our needs were met.
Any other comments? Would you recommend this to other teachers? If you want quick solutions and for someone to tell you the answers, this isn't for you. If you want to go on a learning journey, where it is very possible that you could learn enough about yourself and how to be reflective, so that you end up needing less coaching, then Seahorse is perfect.
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