Grief Recovery Method - Certification Training(GCPD18)

Provider: Grief Recovery (UK) Ltd
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Description The Grief Recovery Method is the action plan to help others move beyond death, divorce and other losses. Many behavioural problems have their roots in unresolved grief. This programme will give you the skills to tackle it effectively.
Duration 4 days

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Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students


The key outcomes of the programme are:

To be able to identify the 40+ life events that invoke grief and how the Grief Recovery Method can be applied in each case.

An understanding of how mis-information surrounding grief and loss impedes recovery.

How to recognise the Short Term Energy Relieving Behaviours that appear to help recovery but in reality suppress it. (For example many people use anger or anti-social behaviour to release the energy caused by unresolved grief, others use food or alcohol. There are many other examples)

How to teach other adults to talk to their children about loss.

An understanding of the actions required to complete Grief Recovery.

How to help others achieve the actions required, leading them through the process safely and with compassion, recognising you are the guide to each person helping themselves – you can’t do it for them. However you will demonstrate how each action is achieved remembering that in Grief Recovery “leader always goes first”

Be able to talk to pupils who have experienced loss with appropriate language to engender a sense of safety in a one-one and in a class environment.




Evidence underpinning this approach

The Grief Recovery Institute has been established in the US for over 30 years. During that time they have spoken directly to over 25,000 thousand grievers and continuously evolved their Method based on this extensive experience.

No other organisation, research or clinical, has had as much direct input and feedback from grievers. Therefore the Grief Recovery Institute has a unique in-depth experience on this often neglected topic. As a result, its founders, John James and Russell Friedman are regularly asked to give their expert opinion by national news channels such as CNN & Fox News following major grief inducing events.

Mr. Friedman appeared on CNN Worldwide, on Saturday, September 15, 2001, in the aftermath of 9/11; and again on CNN a few days after Andrea Yates drowned her five children in Houston, TX [June 20, 2001]; again on CNN, with Anderson Cooper, in the week after former president Ronald Reagan died; and in the summer of 2009, on CNN, in the month after Michael Jackson died, as an expert in helping parents guide their children in dealing with death and other losses.

In 2003, The Wall Street Journal published the Grief Recovery Institute’s Grief Index, which established $75 Billion in annual losses to US businesses, based on the impact of unresolved grief in the workplace. That study is considered the benchmark in establishing the often hidden cost of loss.

In 2008, Skeptic Magazine published James and Friedman’s extensive article refuting the alleged stages of grief, and the following month, Scientific American published some of those findings. Since those publications appeared, more and more articles and books have surfaced supporting the refutation of stages of grief. 

How users/participants can evaluate success

Participants can evauluate success by using feedback forms from colleagues/parents/others that they work with following the training using tools suggested during the programme.

Where they are involved with children who have experienced significant loss observe the change in behaviour and engagement levels following the change in approach/language by the programme graduate.

Follow-up activities and support

Support is provided to graduates via phone, email or skype on an as needed basis without limit. There is no end date. At any point any one can contact Grief Recovery UK and if necessary Grief Recovery USA to resolve any concerns or issues. All support provided is live and individual to the person concerned.

Access is provided to a dedicated online resource for continued learning and refreshing of materials covered during the training.



The programme fee includes:

  • 4 days intensive training in the classroom including both experiential and instructive components.
  • Unlimited support from Grief Recovery (UK) via phone, Skype or email
  • All lesson plans needed to run Group Programmes, One – One Coaching and the “Helping Children Deal with Loss” programme.
  • Support materials and articles on how to apply the Grief Recovery Method
  • A copy of each of the books used as reference text in the programmes:

The Grief Recovery Handbook

When Children Grieve

Moving On

  • Licence to use the Grief Recovery brand & materials


The Grief Recovery Method was created by John W James over 30 years ago in the US. Since then nearly 1 million copies of the Grief Recovery Handbook have been sold in 16 different languages.  John & his colleagues have spoken to over 130,000 grievers compiling unrivalled expertise and collated experience in the field of grief and loss.

We believe the Grief Recovery Method to be the only tried and tested effective programme for recovery. It is based on our extensive experience and is regularly updated with feedback from our network of thousands of qualified Grief Recovery Specialists. Unlike counselling which is about discovery we give people the tools they need to make the small correct choices that can return them to full “aliveness”.

The programme runs for 4 days, 2 of which are weekend days. Each day runs from 8.30am until 5.30pm and attendance at all 4 days, in entirety is essential.


This course does not have any pre-booked dates available. Please contact the provider directly to arrange this training.