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Description The Growth Mindset Pocketbook aims to help teachers create motivated learners who embrace challenge, learn from setbacks and know that they can 'grow' their intelligence.

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Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students

All pupils can benefit from adopting and understanding the power of a growth mindset. It is the route to motivated learners who embrace challenge, learn from setbacks and know that they can 'grow' their intelligence. (See below)


Evidence underpinning this approach

Growth Mindset comes with an endorsement from Stanford University's Professor Carol Dweck - the originator of mindset theory. Her work, and that of other mindset researchers, over the last 40 years and countless studies, has provided empirical evidence that people with growth mindsets are more:

  • Open to challenges and constructive critical feedback
  • Resilient in the face of obstacles and initial failure
  • Convinced that individual effort makes a difference
  • Likely to attribute success and failure to their own efforts, rather than to their innate abilities
  • Able to learn well with and from others
  • Likely to rise to the top- and stay there

Carol Dweck's book Self Theories is still the best summary of her research. Her work underpins some of the most powerful learning interventions in schools today, including formative assessment practices, Habits of Mind (Art Costa), Building Learning Power (Guy Claxton), etc.



How users/participants can evaluate success

The Growth Mindset Pocketbook is fundamentally relevant to teachers’ daily practice in all phases of education – its approach transfers benefits across subject domains and between home and school. Growth Mindset supports learners to take control of their own learning and raises teachers’ and pupils’ aspirations.

Follow-up activities and support

Both authors of The Growth Mindset Pocketbook can provide training/ follow-up on growth mindset and related matters.

Barry Hymer is Professor of Psychology in Education at the University of Cumbria – he is the author of The Gifted and Talented Pocketbook and the co-author of The P4C Pocketbook.

Mike Gershon is a teacher, trainer, writer and consultant – he is also the author of The Exams, Tests, Revision Pocketbook.



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