How to Evaluate Teaching over Time(TOT01)

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Description - Excel under new Ofsted focus on Teaching overTime (ToT) and the removal of lesson grades - Be clear on what evidence Ofsted needs in 2015 New models to observe and evaluate teacher performance - Tools to update accountability processes: • Performance Related Pay • Appraisals
Duration 9:30-3:30

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Categories Secondary, Leadership and Management, Teaching and Learning, KS3, KS4, Management, Support Staff, Teaching staff, Out of school
Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students


Evidence underpinning this approach

Demystify the most-used phrase in Ofsted reports post September 2014

Clarify the meaning of:

• Teaching over Time (ToT) • Progress over Time (PoT)

Identify what ToT looks like:
• across the school • in a lesson

Ensure all teachers can convey PoT to busy inspectors
Unpick Ofsted’s Outstanding grade descriptors

How users/participants can evaluate success

Steps to successfully judge teacher performance across the school

Identify why lesson grading alone does not work
Explore alternative approaches to evaluate teacher quality
Develop an internal observation system that focusses on:
• assessment data • evidence in workbooks • student conversations
Embed a formative approach to lesson observations through:
• coaching and mentoring programmes • appraisal processes
Make consistent Performance Related Pay decisions

Follow-up activities and support

A toolkit to observe, evidence and measure the impact of ToT
• Training plans for all observers
• Ofsted-friendly templates to record findings on:
Observing the lesson
Talking to students
Evidence in workbooks
Tracking data
• Tracking systems to see progress of individual teachers


Presenter details: Oliver Knight is currently the head of a London free school and was vice principal at London’s Ark Academy, one of England’s highestperforming schools. He is the author of Creating Outstanding Classrooms: A whole-school approach, and shares his nationally recognised best practice through his inspiring and practical training.

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