How we can guarantee students remember what we teach them in Maths?

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Description Our memories can seem wild and unpredictable. Why do we remember pointless minutia from years ago, yet completely forget important facts and details when we need them? Why do kids understand everything perfectly one day, and then the next day admit they can’t remember a thing? Against our intuition, we now know that what we remember is highly predictable. What’s more, what students remember, and what they forget, is largely determined by us, their teachers! This course summarises nearly four decades of exciting research into memory and forgetting, building a model that helps us understand how our minds and our memories work. The conclusion: we have the power to determine what our students will remember. We will then look at the short-term tricks and long-term strategies we can employ in the classroom, in an effort to guarantee students remember everything we teach them. Course Content Part 1 Memories: once formed, we never lose a memory; so why do we forget things? Part 2 Storage vs. Retrieval: The interplay between two parts of every memory Part 3 Long-term strategies and short-term classroom techniques for building enduring memories Part 4 Q&A
Duration 4.45 – 6-45 p.m. Online

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