Knowledge Discovery and Datamining

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Description Knowledge Discovery and Datamining (KDD) will enable you to transform large amounts of collected data into knowledge that can drive business decisions. For example, insights into customer behaviour can be used for cross selling opportunities, to improve the customer experience or for targeted marketing campaigns. Our 5 day course will give you a detailed understanding of the KDD process. It will also introduce you to the main datamining techniques used to transform data into knowledge with examples of practical application.
Duration 5 Days

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Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students

At the end of the course, you will have:

  • An introduction to the principles of Knowledge Discovery and Datamining. 
  • A detailed methodology for KDD. 
  • A detailed look at the tools used through the cleaning and preprocessing phases of the KDD project.
  • A detailed look at the data mining tasks of clustering and classification, and the tools available for those.
  • An understanding of the other data mining tasks.
  • An understanding of the use of data mining, and in particular of the tools studied, in the Financial Services industry.
  • An introduction to data mining software packages with practical sessions in clustering and classification.
  • An understanding of further training requirements and opportunities.

There will be practical sessions using commercial datamining software packages illustrating their suitability for different types of project. The course is structured to provide time to discuss potential datamining projects with other delegates and our consultants.

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Why should I do this course?

Customer segmentation, customer profiling, fraud detection, the generation of more accurate pricing models, targeted marketing campaigns, the discovery of cross-selling opportunities, improved customer service: those are all activities which are becoming crucial for competitive advantage in the financial service sector.  Data is the wealth of a company and can inform and drive all of those activities but only those that learn to exploit it well will be the market leaders.  This course will help you to understand the opportunities and will also give you a good grounding on some of the leading technology.

Course Objectives

The course aims to deliver an introduction to data mining techniques.  It will present the process of KDD and will give a review of available tools.  The course will then cover the main tasks of data mining: clustering and classification and introduce some of the algorithms available. It will also introduce tools available for data cleaning and preprocessing.  The concepts will be introduced in the context of application to the Financial Services industry and will include relevant examples and case studies.  The course will also serve to highlight further training opportunities.


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