Life, the Atmosphere and Everything(KS4: LAE)

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Description This ‘Life, the Atmosphere and Everything’ workshop offers you a range of activities to help you to teach Earth-related aspects of the Science GCSE specifications in England and Wales, in particular: Life – aspects of the biological parts of the specifications related to evolution; Atmosphere – the atmosphere and ocean and their evolution, the carbon cycle and possible effects of global warming; Everything – well, not quite – but activities that help with the chemistry of limestone, cement and concrete, and physics-related activities on energy supplies and radioactive decay and dating. The workshop allows you to sample a range of these interactive activities related directly to your specification. Try them with your students and enhance their lives, their atmospheres and – well – everything! Please contact ESEU to arrange a convenient date and time for this NO FEE workshop; travel and sundry expenses are the only costs incurred.
Duration 90 minutes

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Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students

Life, the Atmosphere and Everything

Expected learning outcomes:

  • an introduction to a series of activities designed to strengthen the teaching of the Earth science-related aspects of KS4 biology, chemistry and physics teaching activities focussed particularly on:
  • the fossil evidence for evolution and Darwin’s involvement in evolution theory
  • evidence for the evolution of the atmosphere and impacts on climate change
  • Earth materials
  • energy supplies
  • radioactivity
  • a wide range of teaching approaches, including practical and electronic simulations
  • approaches to activities designed to develop the thinking and investigational skills of students
  • insights into many of the Earth-related concepts commonly taught to secondary pupils
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Life, the Atmosphere and Everything

This workshop lasts approximately 90 minutes and includes the following hands-on, practical activities:


  • What is a fossil?
  • The washing line of time
  • Evolution in action: the evolution of the horse
  • Did a meteorite kill the dinosaurs?
  • How life works: linking up Darwin’s big idea
  • The evolution of evolution headlines
  • Deep Time


  • A year in the dome
  • Step by step evolution of the Earth’s atmosphere
  • The ‘Do it yourself’ evolving atmosphere
  • The PowerPoint evolution of the atmosphere
  • The E-Carbon Cycle
  • Melting ice and sea level change
  • Global climate change


  • Material link
  • ‘Concrete’ crush test
  • The limestone inquiry, 21st Century


  • Geothermal energy – renewable?
  • Energy crisis – what energy crisis?
  • Oil and natural gas UK – did they get it right?


  • Radioactive countdown

The general activity format for each of the above is as follows:

  • Activity
  • Student Learning Outcomes
  • Student practical or teacher demonstration
  • Time needed to complete the activity
  • Preparation and set-up time
  • Resources
  • Ideas for leading into the activity
  • Ideas for following up the activity

Workshop material also includes sections on:

  • Workshop outcomes
  • Activities for the different science specifications
  • Resource List
  • Teaching points of ESEU workshop activities
  • Risk Assessments

This course does not have any pre-booked dates available. Please contact the provider directly to arrange this training.