Managing the Environment and Behaviour for Improved Learning Outcomes in the LRC

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Description The course will focus on strategies to effectively manage pupil behaviour using a holistic approach to improve learning outcomes. It will set out clear design principles to improve the environment within the LRC in order to minimise opportunities for disruptive behvaiour at minimum cost. It will explore all aspects of positive behaviour management, including the development of scripts to defuse conflict situations which delegates will be able to apply within the context of their own schools. The benefits of learner consultation will be explored and attention will be paid to approaches to giving pupils a sense of ownership of the LRC. Delegates will be given a framework for curriculum involvement which will enable LRC staff to create a positive atmospere and contribute to student success and achievement.
Duration 1 day

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Categories Secondary, Teaching and Learning, KS3, KS4, Other support staff, Library, Behaviour for Learning, Out of school
Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students

The aims of the course are to: • To help LRC staff to identify strategies to improve pupil behaviour and improve learning outcomes • To demonstrate simple changes whch can be made within an LRC to improve the learning environment and minimise opportunities for disruption • Enable LRC staff to develop their skills in positive behaviour management • Give a flexible model for LRC involvement within the curriculum

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