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Description Left Handed Children - The Right Way to Help! Aims: "The course is a practical session looking at and trying out various tasks using both hands with a view to raising awareness of potential difficulties faced by left-handed children and the simple strategies that can be used to help them, with particular emphasis on handwriting"
Duration 1 1/2hrs

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Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students

 Improved handwriting for your left-handed children, leading to speedier and unsmudged writing for better presentation with increased self esteem and marks.

Understanding of potential classroom difficulties leading to EQUAL opportunity for both right and left-handed children with greater chance to achieve full academic potential. 

Evidence underpinning this approach
Headteachers / Teachers / Schools....don't get LEFT in the dark any longer about the issues surrounding your left-handed pupils. They are more prevalent than you think. They are more urgent than you think. They are more critical to the future of our children than you think.
Thanks to Mark Stewart at Left 'n' Write, the staff at Cherry Orchard Primary School were given a wake-up call about the needs of one of our hidden vulnerable groups - left-handed pupils. With thought-provoking facts and statistics, practical activities that put you in the shoes (or hands) of our pupils in the classroom (as well as making you re-evaluate what you might have thought you knew about yourself!) and a wide offering of hints, tips and immediate strategies borne out of years of personal experience, this was one of the most useful 60mins of CPD we have had for a long time.
Mark is a warm and personable presenter...yet his messages are clear and deserve to be heard. Do the right thing...think left.
How users/participants can evaluate success

Improved levels of self esteem, along with legible handwriting. Appropriate guidance to facilitate the handwriting expectation in the National Curriculum

Follow-up activities and support

One to one assistance with students available on demand.

  • Introduction
  • Background
  • How left-handed are you? Laterality tests!
  • Scissors: the difference between right and left-handed scissors, and useful tips.
  • Handwriting: problems and techniques to overcome them, particularly smudging.
  • Various left-handed items to try out, ie Rulers, pencil sharpeners, pens

Time: 1 to 1 1/2hrs

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