Mastering Maths in the Primary Classroom(001)

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Description This hands on course aims to give teachers an insight into what is meant by a Maths Mastery curriculum. We will explore ways of delivering maths lessons from a maths mastery standpoint and how to teach concrete and pictorial representations of mathematics and the reasons for doing so.
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Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students

Delegates will look at how connections can be made between the different areas of mathematics. We will also look at ways to plan learning which puts an investigative attitude at the heart of all maths learning,  and meets the needs of the curriculum and Ofsted.

By the end of the course participants will have insight into:

  • what mastery of maths means in terms of the new curriculum,

  • how and why we should teach for concrete conceptual understanding

    including pictorial representations of mathematics,

  • how to develop pupils’ deep structural knowledge,

  • how to make connections between different mathematical areas,

  • how to deliver good to outstanding mths teaching

Evidence underpinning this approach

One of the current areas of intense focus in Mathematics is Mathematical Mastery. Although the phrase has been used in a number of different ways, it principally denotes a deeper understanding.

The new national curriculum is premised on this kind of understanding of mastery, as something which every child can aspire to and every teacher should promote.
[Final report of the Commission on Assessment without Levels September 2015] 

How users/participants can evaluate success

Immediate evaluation of the course and the impact on participants subject knowledge and practice. The immediate benefit they will tak back to class with them.Their increased subject knowledge, understanding and confidence will empower then to deliver maths lessons which will build their pupils entusiasm and confidence enabling them to become resiliant mathemmaticians. Participants will noice a more positive attitude to maths in class and will be able to measure the impact on progress and attainment.

Follow-up activities and support

We are always available to support staff implementing new strategies in their classroom. Any follow up questions , or extra support needed can be requested via email, our blog site or @mathsolutionz on twitter. We encurage participants to make full use of these facilities for further PD and collaboration. We also suggest time is allowed at staff or HOD meetings to discuss and embed new knowlege and classroom practice.


This is a hands and minds on course, a mixture of tutor led and practical activities. Time is allowed for discussion , and reflection on learning. The day will be split into four sessions as per attached pdf. The day can be held for individual schools, MATs, TSAs, and clusters as an inset or, depending upon location, a series of twilights.





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