Mathematics: How to teach fractions at KS2 for mastery(HTFKS2)

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Description The aim of the course is to look at how we can successfully move learners at Primary level from basic understanding of fractions towards mastery. This will be a practical task based day that looks at what has to be taught and learnt at KS2. Included throughout the sessions will be teacher oriented tasks that will allow for deeper reflection of what fractions are and how they operate with other numbers.
Duration 1 Day

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Categories Primary, Mathematics / Numeracy, KS2, Out of school
Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students

Course Objectives:

  • Looking at progression of understanding and working with fractions for KS2
  • Identifying the roles of numerator and denominator
  • Build confidence of the teacher as a maths ‘expert’ in the classroom through a more in depth understanding of the processes involved
  • Different approaches to the teaching and learning of fractions that are built on other areas of mathematics
  • Reflection of what we as teachers perceive fractions to be and how we might expand on current knowledge


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How users/participants can evaluate success

How we evaluate the training:

• Participants evaluate the training based upon the relevance to professional needs, the quality of the tuition, the quality of the training material, and the organisation, management and accommodation.
• Delegates identify further training requirements
•  Follow up questionnaires are sent to delegates asking for feedback over time.
• A track record is maintained for each course and for each tutor. Feedback and evaluation is shared with tutors in order to identify and inform development.

Follow-up activities and support

Following attendance on a course, all delegates are welcome to contact the main office with any questions and queries relating to the training and its application within school.

For most courses, tailored follow up consultancy services, coaching and mentoring  are available but these are at a separate cost. For quotations, delegates should contact the main office as discounts are available.


Course details:   

This is a practical one day course designed to improve the teaching of Mathematics at KS2. The course focuses on practical, step by step ways of moving learners from concrete methods to abstract methods; removing their dependence on facts and procedures alone. The course supports the development of mastery.

The course is designed to build the confidence of the teacher as a mathematics expert in the classroom through a more in depth understanding of the processes involved. The course will look at the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division at KS2 in line with the national curriculum expectations, and Ofsted’s expectations of Mastery in the  Maths classroom.

The course looks at planning, problem solving, intervention strategies, misconceptions and assessment of impact in line with the new national curriculum, inspection expectations and guidance on best practice.  

Method of Tuition:    

The course is a mix of direct tuition and skill based learning involving group tasks. The practical activities are mainly completed in groups of two or three participants so that thoughts and evaluations can be shared and compared. Groups will be asked to feedback their findings on most tasks. Each day has five hours of tuition, divided into four blocks of 1 x 1 hour, 1 x 1hr05 and 2 x 1.5 hours.


The tutor is an experienced, energetic, successful trainer, Maths adviser, teacher and manager at department level. His degree is in mathematics and education and as a keen maths teacher he is always looking for ways to develop his own knowledge and practice. He is a National Centre for the Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics Accredited Professional Development Lead Practitioner.
With experience in developing and implementing assessment, curriculums and schemes of learning, optimising the learning atmosphere, developing staff potential and managing resources he has a proven track record of raising the standard and progress of teachers and students. With excellent subject knowledge Russell’s courses are stimulating and practical, with plenty of opportunity for discussion.  
He believes everyone has the ability to achieve in maths and has the right to fulfil their potential. It is his wish to encourage and enable practitioners to build their pupils confidence, understanding and ability to achieve their full potential in a positive learning environment.





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