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Thumb Meeting the Needs of Learners with High Functioning Autism in the Classroom Course
Positive Autism Support and Training Ltd

This one day course which is accredited by OCN (London Region) is essential for those working with students with High Functioning Autism and / or Asperger Syndrome. The course provides learners with a thorough understanding of Autistic Spectrum Conditions and gives practical stragegies to help students' with autism meet their full potential.

£175.00 + VAT
(Duration: One Day)


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Stated learning outcomes for this course

The Learning Outcomes for this course are listed in the table below.

This course would be suitable for any staff working with learners who have Autistic Spectrum Conditions.

LO1 - Understand what Autistic Spectrum conditions are and how they impact on individuals and their behaviour.

1.1. Describe the characteristics of behaviour associated with autistic spectrum conditions.

1.2.  Distinguish  between Classic Autism and Aspergers Syndrome.

1.3.  Assess common ideas about the causes of autism.

LO2 - Be able to identify the impact that Autism has on a person.

2.1. Define the 3 areas of the triad of impairment.

2.2. Describe how each area of the triad of impairment affects behaviour.

2.3. Describe sensory differences people with autism may experience.

LO3 - Be able to reduce the impact that autism has on learning.

3.1. Describe  ways to communicate effectively with autistic students

3.2. Describe the effects of ASC on behaviour in an educational environment.

3.3.    Illustrate how to promote learning and remove barriers to learning in an educational setting for learners with ASC.


LO4 Be able to identify key principles of positive behaviour management.

4.1. Use the iceberg theory of behaviour to describe the behaviour of a person with ASC and make adjustments to the learning environment to reduce challenging behaviour.

4.2. Describe the  causes of challenging behaviour autistic learners might present.

4.3. Define crisis management.

4.4.  Describe three appropriate intervention strategies when working with learners with ASC.


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