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Description In this ever changing and pressured society the number of contacts to both child and adolescent and adult mental health services has increased greatly. It continues to be a growing problem in both the education system and in society in general. It is therefore essential to equip children with the mechanisms to cope with mental health problems. These could be issues that they may personally face or that may have an impact on them through others. This can be addressed through compassionate mind training for drama teachers. The model draws upon dramatic techniques that KS3 students will already have attained and allows for the exploration of feelings and emotions that the children may experience either currently or in the future. The model follows the Paul Gilbert approach to self compassion; an extremely successful method of intervention for a variety of emotional problems that an individual may face. The benefit of educating children using a self compassionate approach is that it allows them to explore the emotions that are attached to the extremely complex area of mental health and how to relate to them in an emotionally safe way. This is achieved by engaging the children in mindfulness based activities, as well as drawing upon other self compassionate techniques. The course will provide drama teachers with a six week scheme of learning and all of the necessary tools that are required to successfully deliver the compassionate mind model to the children. It will also provide a full understanding of self compassion and its’ practical application. This course has been collaboratively designed by a number of professionals, these include psychologists, teachers and self compassion experts.
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Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students By attending the course you will:be able to educate children in the compassionate mind model in terms of mental health and support students emotional needs through learninghave a full and comprehensive understanding of self compassion and its’ practical a
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