Metal machine safety course: S2HS and S6HS (three days)

Provider: Herts for Learning
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Description This course allows teachers, NQTs, technicians and site staff to demonstrate, through practical activities, their capability in using the process of: - the centre lathe for metal cutting (S2HS) - types of functions, particularly safe holding, selection and mounting of tools - the milling machines and machining centre (S6HS) - using both the horizontal and vertical milling machines, including computer controlled machines and machining centres You will learn the correct procedures for using each of the above machines, routine maintenance requirements, the types, parts and functions, particularly the controls and safety devices.
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Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students By attending the course you will:gain the TTA and DATA Health and Safety qualification for centre lathe for metal cutting (S2HS) and milling machines and machining centres (S6HS)
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