Modern Foreign Languages in Primary Schools(947)

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Description Effective, dynamic teaching and learning in every primary classroom
Duration 9am - 3pm

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Categories Primary, Languages, Management, Teaching staff, Out of school
Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students

From a member of the author team of KS3 titles such as Allez!, Clic and Studio.

Effective language lessons are hugely enjoyable for learners as well as teachers. They can however be a complex balancing act: delivery of material along with ensuring high engagement through enjoyment, and providing challenge for a vast range of abilities and learning styles. This ground breaking course will arm teachers for whom teaching a language is a new and baffling experience, or those that want to be excellent, up to speed with what an outstanding language lesson looks like. It provides a link to future language studies and will debug the idea that teaching languages is too hard for some.

We will learn to speak the basics of a new language with blistering pace. Then we will look at realistic methods of planning and preparing for delivery of fast paced, communicative, excellent lessons. We will address the fundamentals of making grammar, writing and speaking work in the classroom by placing the students at the centre of the learning process. Apprehensions about teaching a language are dealt with head on, and we will look at existing teaching skills that can be transferred to the language classroom. Great ideas for resources and activities will be shared in this hands-on day that will excite and enthuse those with a mind open to the joy of learning languages at a time when the children learn them best.

Evidence underpinning this approach

This Course Aims to:

  • Model real-world, dynamic learning methods for languages.
  • Demonstrate how all teachers can excel at delivering high impact language lessons that children will love.
  • Show what excellent language lesson looks like, and how to engage students in languages.
  • Discover a strategy that will work in putting languages at the centre of your school’s curriculum.
  • Identify, adapt and hone existing practical skills that can be transferred into language teaching
  • Provide a multitude of teaching resources and ideas to make language lessons at primary level go with a swing
How users/participants can evaluate success

Course Outline:

How to learn a language
  • Learning a new language
  • Discovering what makes a great lesson…and how to plan it quickly
  • Developing skills and making the pupils work harder than you
  • Lessons that deliver in all skills
Transferrable skills
  • How to teach a language without stress or worry
  • Taking the fear out of the content
  • Having fun in the language classroom
  • Using your IT skills
Ideas, ideas, ideas
  • What do secondary teachers do?
  • Core resources
  • Activities that work
  • Sourcing, making and sharing your own language resources
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  • start 09:00am - 
  • end 03:00pm

‚ÄčTrainer: Robert Pike

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