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The challenges of leadership and how to overcome them: •distributive leadership •sustainable leadership •inspiring staff •accountability •securing long-term impact •leading change The 6 key management styles: how to build on your strengths and tackle weaknesses Effective self-evaluation strategies for monitoring and raising standards

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(Duration: Full Day Course)


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Stated learning outcomes for this course

Deliver on new initiatives and respond to rapid change NCSL ‘Distributed Leadership’: inspire effective practice and raise achievement Track progress and raise standards through assessment and data: SEF RAISE online AfL APP How to be fully prepared for your role Develop middle leadership in your school Identify the most effective leadership styles to lead colleagues Assess the needs of your team for effective working Have an impact on the motivation, development and well-being of staff A toolbox of strategies to lead and manage professionally Practical strategies to manage time and lead change New techniques for dealing with difficult situations Effective strategies to: give effective feedback communicate difficult messages resolve conflict promote effective team working inspire staff understand team dynamics Confidence in developing your role and the wider implications Drive improvement in your department as part of your whole school effectiveness Evaluate the quality of teaching to meet and raise standards Masters Accredited You can enrol on a MA in Education using this course as your first CPD module (worth twenty MA points). To enrol simply call us on FREEPHONE 0808 160 5 160 and request an application form.


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