OFSTED Inspections - What to expect from September 2013

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Description This is a brand new online twilight CPD course. This CPD course will focus on three areas of the new inspection framework from September 2013. The session will focus on key features and changes to the Inspection schedule from September 2013, how progress is evaluated by OFSTED inspectors and getting to grips with criteria for good and outstanding teaching. This CPD course is suitable for Head Teachers, Senior Leaders, Aspiring Senior Leaders, Heads of Faculty, Staff with responsibility for teaching and learning (primary or secondary). Delegates will gain knowledge and understanding of OFSTED inspections from 2013 and will have the opportunity to ask questions during the session. Course content Part 1 – Key features and changes to the OFSTED Inspection Schedule from September 2013. In this part of the session we will discuss the key features and changes introduced to the inspection process by OFSTED, which take effect from September 2013. What inspectors are likely to focus on will be highlighted and key areas for schools to consider discussed. Part 2 – Evaluating progress. In this part of the session we will look at how to evaluate the progress of different groups of students, particularly those in receipt of the Pupil Premium, and what the national transition matrices can tell schools. We will also discuss the difference between good and outstanding progress with practical examples. Part 3 – Getting to grips with the criteria for good and outstanding teaching (including behaviour). In this part of the session, delegates will be able to explore the difference between the good and outstanding criteria and consider the challenges for their own schools. There will be an opportunity to look at how the quality of teaching over time is judged and the type of evidence inspectors look for. Part 4 – Q and A Session
Duration 4 – 6 p.m. Online

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