Outstanding Communication and Language in the revised EYFS

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Description As a prime area in the revised EYFS Be the first to find out how Communication and Language is effected from September 2012 Fresh ways to put listening, understanding and speaking at the heart of your curriculum New tools to assess development and progress
Duration Full Day Course

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Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students

Explore rapidly changing EYFS and Ofsted requirements Reveal the changes to the Early Learning goals Explore how to infuse Communication and Language to the other: Prime areas Specific areas Clarify the pedagogy behind the changes Unpick Ofsted’s latest framework A step-by-step guide to develop proficient and creative communicators Identify the best differentiation and assessment techniques Create a communication and language rich environment Meet the diverse needs of children at different developmental stages Develop children’s thinking skills through talk Raise achievement, particularly for boys Clarify the teacher’s role in promoting communication and thinking Monitor children’s development A hands-on approach to refresh practice and implement changes activities to support listening and attention techniques to promote speaking and understanding fresh audit and assessment tools adaptable lesson plans case studies of outstanding practice suggestions for links with parents

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Marion Dowling - Marion’s career is steeped in early years and her training links theory to practical action. Marion writes extensively in early years journals and is the author of several books. She has also directed two Early Education Projects on Exploring Young Children’s Thinking

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