Outstanding Performance at GCSE MFL(GCSEMFL)

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Description Engage, Enthuse and Achieve!
Duration 1 Day

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Categories Secondary, Teaching and Learning, KS4, Languages, Teaching staff, Advanced Skills Teacher, Excellent Teacher, Main-scale (core) teacher, Newly Qualified Teacher, Non-practising teacher, Post-threshold Teacher, Pupil mentor, Supply / Peripatetic teacher, Trainnee (pre-QTS) teacher, Teacher trainer, Assessment, Bilingual Support / EAL, Behaviour for Learning, Diversity, Gifted and Talented, Inclusion, Personalised Learning, SEND, Subject Knowledge, Classroom Management, Out of school, Physical resource, DVD / CD ROM, Collaborative Learning, Feedback, Gifted and Talented, Homework, There are approaches to support pupils working together, Tasks are designed carefully so that working together is effective and efficient, There are opportunities to make use of competition between groups to support pupils in working together more effectively within their group, Provides approaches that encourage lower achieving pupils to talk and articulate their thinking in collaborative tasks , Provides approaches for specific, accurate and clear feedback , Provides approaches for comparing what a learner is doing right now and wrong before , Provides approaches for a balance between support and challenge, Supports effective professional development for teachers, Homework is used as a tool to increase a specific area of knowledge, or fluency in a particular area., Supports tasks with different levels of challenge, The quality of homework is more important than the quantity, Pupils to receive feedback on homework which is specific and timely, Ofsted
Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students

Participants will understand what it takes to deliver outstanding performance at GCSE in MFL. This course will give a range of strategies that can be used at GCSE level and will look at effective organisation as well as how to work with the active skills of sepaking and writing. There will be a focus on acheivement at all levels and how academic and grammatical rigour can be a feature of GCSE teaching in this controlled assesment age.

Evidence underpinning this approach

The activities that will be discussed as part of this course come from the presenter's teaching experience and the presenter has achieved consistently excellent results in their teaching career. Some of the ideas will be based on popular books on teaching strategies and techniques, although always adapted to suit the subject and purpose.

How users/participants can evaluate success

There will be the opportunity for participants to fill in a feedback form so that their comments can be included to aid with further development of the material aimed at this level. Participants would be encouraged to include attendance at this course in their CPD journal and write down the techniques used and how they were used in the classroom and what adaptations need to be made for them to be successful for that individual.

Follow-up activities and support

There will be the opportunity to opt in to the range of courses offered by Blossom Training. Following up from this course, there would be suggestion of seeking out others in their area and school to discuss the merits of the training and how it can be used to enrich their teaching.


Speaker: Chris Lowe (Head of Department in a Secondary School as well as Course Tutor and Director of Blossom Training)

Benefits: A range of activities which have increased both engagement and achievement. 


09:30 Arrival and Coffee

10:00 Session 1: Welcome and Session 1: Organisation for Outstanding

11:15 Coffee

11:30 Session 2: Stretch and Challenge: Writing

12:45 Lunch

13:30 Session 3: Stretch and Challenge: Speaking

14:30 Coffee

14:45 Session 4: Enrich the Curriculum

15:45 Evaluation and Close

This course does not have any pre-booked dates available. Please contact the provider directly to arrange this training.