Peer Observation: Improving teaching and learning through collaboration(TOP021)

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Description A D-I-Y (Deliver It Yourself) training pack to help schools implement a peer observation programme to enhance teaching and learning.

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Peer observation is a form of action research, driven by colleagues who want to work together on a chosen focus. It’s a significant means of supporting staff in taking ownership of and responsibility for developing their teaching and work with pupils.

But how does peer observation actually work in practice? This training package will equip you to:

  • establish the purpose and structure of your peer observation programme
  • make it an integral part of your school development plan and CPD
  • train colleagues in planning, carrying out and feeding back on a peer observation
  • consider what’s changed as a result of peer observation.

Written by teaching, learning and assessment expert John Blanchard, this training package includes case studies of good practice, example observation models and detailed training plans to use with staff in establishing a culture of reflection, collaboration and development in your school.

It contains five training sessions, including PowerPoint slides, comprehensive trainer notes, handouts and materials for evaluation of the sessions.