Primary ICT: Learning Technologies as a tool in exceptional schools

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Description Suitable for: Primary school leaders with vision. The event is not recommended for subject leaders by themselves. The event will be valuable for leaders in good and outstanding primary schools. It is complementary to the Naace TOTAL programme, extending ideas TOTAL introduces, to enable the use of the digital environment to be normalised
Duration one day course

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Categories Primary, Teaching and Learning, KS1, KS2, Computing / ICT, Management, Assistant Headteacher, CPD Leader, Deputy Headteacher, Headteacher, Head of year / Pastoral leader, Head of Department / Faculty, Assessment, Personalised Learning, Subject Knowledge, Out of school
Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students

The 80+ schools that have achieved the Naace Third Millennium Learning Award have shown that they are some of the best nationally in all aspects of teaching and learning.  The day will focus on the ways these schools have achieved Third Millennium Learning, to enable you to choose the best approach for your school, with a particular emphasis on approaches that are suitable for Primary Schools.

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The Naace Third Millennium Learning Award is for those schools that have demonstrated through gaining the Naace ICT Mark that staff are competent in using technology, and wish to go on to achieve excellence in learning and teaching using ICT.  Schools gaining the Award demonstrate with video evidence how they meet the criteria, with a community of learning, pupils leading learning, with the learning environment and curriculum developed to promote creativity, and technology used well.

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Schools not having the Naace ICT Mark and yet wishing to achieve Third Millennium Status may follow a parallel track subsequent to the event.

This is a Naace event, building on national and international best practice.  It is a blended event, using an online presence to support delegates before, during and after the face to face event.  The event tutors are Naace accredited trainers.  Event attendance includes six months Naace membership.  Delegates who are already members will have their membership extended.  The event may lead to accreditation.

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As a result of attending, delegates will understand the criteria used to assess the Award, that have emerged through analysis of the Award-schools' approaches.  Through discussion and close examination of existing submissions participants will begin the process of auditing their own school's readiness and working on the threads of development that need to be progressed.


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